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Took a rare nap yesterday; Slept well last night.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 by  
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I don't really sleep with a stuffed bear. Well, not too often, anyway.

I don't really sleep with a stuffed bear. Well, not too often, anyway.

I can count on one hand the number of naps I’ve taken over the past 10 years. I really dislike taking naps during the waking hours, but yesterday was one of those rare occasions when I felt I had no choice. I was not making very good progress with my huge workload, and I kept making stupid mistakes while logged into critical servers as “root” (the administrator account in Unix/Linux). After one particularly dangerous error, I decided enough was enough and pushed my keyboard away.

I thought, “I’ll just lay down for 30 minutes…”

More than two hours later I woke up feeling a little foggy, but considerably better. I took a hot shower and made a bowl of chicken soup. The soup tasted great (that was actually my first bowl of soup this year!), and I even ate half a bag of saltine crackers with the soup.

I managed to get back on track with my work after the nap, and I made excellent progress before knocking off at dinner time.

The sodium in the soup and crackers is really high. This morning I’m holding 2 pounds of water… that’s on the same water retention scale as pizza!

I slept great last night, and got a solid 9+ hours. I’m having a hard time waking up this morning, but I can tell that once I do I’ll be OK.

I’m not sure if I feel like riding. I feel kind of lazy, actually. I know I should get a ride in, but it won’t kill me to take an extra day of rest. I still have a lot of work to do, too. I’ll see what I feel like doing after I eat breakfast, which is what I’m going to do right now. 🙂

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