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Made that Costco run yesterday… ouch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012 by  
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This always hurts, but I like to buy in bulk.

This always hurts, but I like to buy in bulk.

I love Costco because they have amazing deals on many of the items that we use every day–especially proteins like chicken, fish, shrimp and beef. I also stock up on things like coffee beans, dry roasted almonds, cleaning supplies, oatmeal, cooking spray and so on. What I don’t like about Costco is that it’s generally very crowded–especially on weekends.

Thinking about how crowded the store was going to be over the weekend (along with the thought of yet another cold cut sandwich for lunch), I took a couple of hours out of my morning yesterday to make a Costco run. 🙂

It was, of course, pretty crowded when I arrived, but nothing like it is on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I will say this: no matter how crowded it is, the lines at Costco move quickly because their cashiers are, almost without exception, amazingly good at their jobs. I’m always impressed with how quick and efficient they are.

Anyway, partially because I dislike crowds and partially because of the distance to the closest Costco, I prefer to go as infrequently as possible and buy in bulk. Also, I’m naturally a fairly efficient person, so buying in bulk appeals to that side of my nature: it simply saves time.

The downside to buying in bulk is the total cost. I always play a game with the cashiers and guess my total before they start ringing me out. I never keep a mental tally going while I’m shopping, it’s always just a gut instinct guess. Yesterday I guessed $800 and I was almost dead on. I wish I had been wrong. Man, that hurt.

Ah, that's better! Eating healthy is easy when you only have healthy foods on hand.

Ah, that's better! Eating healthy is easy when you only have healthy foods on hand.

But hey, now we’re fully stocked up on proteins and many other items for the next few months. Our weekly grocery store trips will be inexpensive and fast–mostly just to get fresh items like egg whites, fruits and vegetables. Of course we’re growing many of our own fruits, herbs and vegetables now, so that will further decreases our weekly grocery expense.

Craig, I looked for the Adonia Frozen Yogurt Bars, but they didn’t have them. I did find a 20-pack of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, however! 🙂

I’m not talking up Costco for any other reason than I really love the place. Everyone is always very friendly, the prices are extremely good on most items and the quality of the products is excellent. Also, in all my years of shopping at Costco, I’ve literally never–not even once–seen a product on the shelf that was past the “sell by” date.

Well, I’d love to go mountain biking this morning, but I’ve got a full day of yard work ahead of me. It’s going to be very hot, but I don’t mind: I had pizza last night for my weekly cheat meal, and I’m really feeling bloated this morning.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. I like to only eat the freshest of foods so I stop at the Waterfront for fresh Seafood, or GrandMart or ShoppersFoodWarehouse daily after work to buy exactly what I need and no more for dinner and leftovers for the lunch the next day. Let the stores be my pantry and refrigerator and let the food go bad, old, freezer burned at their expense, not mine. I have this down to a science. I digitized all the ingredients for every single recipe book I own and can pick what I’m having for dinner at work and have an exact shopping list I need and just buy exactly what I need and no more.

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