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Vacation report; Post-vacation boot camp.

Monday, June 25, 2012 by  
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I’m back from my 9 day vacation. Man, that went fast! Things didn’t go quite the way I’d planned, but I made the best of it and had a great time while I was off. Maybe a little too great a time…

I tried cleaning and lubing the rear shock seals, but no joy. They needed to be replaced.

I tried cleaning and lubing the rear shock seals, but no joy. They needed to be replaced.

I had a good mountain biking ride on Tuesday morning, but the seals on my rear shock were failing. When I set off on that ride my rear shock pressure was 175 PSI; when I returned it was 80 PSI. I knew that I needed to replace all the seals (I’d already tried disassembling, cleaning and lubing), but of course not one single bike shop in my area had the rebuild kit. I had to order the kit online and that put me out of action until the kit arrived.

The rebuild kit didn’t arrive until Friday, but as it turned out that didn’t really matter. It rained on and off all last week, and it’s still raining now. Topical Storm Debbie is stalled out in the Gulf and dumping buckets of rain on the region, and it looks like that rain will continue all this week, too. We’ve had almost 4″ of rain in the past 24 hours alone. We really need the rain, so I can’t really complain. I guess having a bum rear shock last week was good timing, even though it didn’t feel like it since I was planning to ride all last week.



On Friday after I rebuilt the shock I was doing some bunny hopping to make sure the shock was properly holding air pressure (it was). I landed a small 10″ bunny hop, and about 30 seconds later my tire went flat. Turns out the rear wheel bent slightly. I’m hoping American Classic will cover the problem under warranty, as I certainly wasn’t doing anything the wheel wasn’t designed to do.

So with all the rain and bike mechanical problems, you know what I did last week? I chilled. For the first time in almost a year, I just let go. I ate what I wanted, I slept late, I watched lots of movies and finally started playing Skyrim (I was given the game last Christmas but simply have not had time to start playing it).

My diet was garbage. In fact, I had some form of junk food every single day I was on vacation: theater popcorn, candy, steak with buttery dill potatoes, lots of bread, hamburgers, pork barbecue with all the trimmings and a couple of beers (first time I’ve had barbecue this year!), pizza and red wine… Lisa even made us some Jalapeno poppers and fried green tomatoes!

All that junk food combined with almost no physical activity has, not surprisingly, put this morning’s scale weight about 5 pounds higher than it was two weeks ago. Some of that is certainly water, but I’ll bet about 2 or 3 pounds of it is fat (I’m not touching the caliper or soft tape until next Sunday!)

So this week I’m doing a post-vacation mini-boot camp and detox. I need to whip my butt back into pre-vacation shape! This week I’ll be eating 100% clean (no cheat snacks or splurge meals), no alcohol, lots of water, plenty of rest and some form of physical activity every single day. Because it’s raining and I have a bent wheel, much of that activity will be on the boring old recumbent bike in my gym. Oh well, I’ll suck it up and get the cardio done.

While my vacation didn’t turn out to be what I originally planned, I had a surprisingly good time being a couch potato over the past week or so. That said, I’m ready to get back to my usual healthy diet and exercise program. Seriously, I am craving grilled chicken breast and brown rice right now.

So, the question is, can I undo a week of “damage” in one week? I guess we’ll find out this coming Sunday!

I’ve opened the July “100 Challenge” for entry. You can get registered anytime between now and July 1st.

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