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Managed to destroy my American Classic rear wheel; Today’s leg workout.

I get to tend the rabbits, George?

As I wrote in my first blog after returning from vacation (that blog is here), I bent the rear rim on my Fuel (photo of the damage).

I must have landed one of my bunny hops too hard (I was on concrete at the time), as the damage was clearly a hard impact of some sort. After discussing the issue with American Classic (they even gave me a personal phone call in response to my email), it became obvious that the damage would not be covered by warranty. I initially thought the issue should have been covered by warranty, but after speaking with my American Classic rep I can see why it’s not. Lesson learned.

So I had three options: try to bend the rim back into shape myself, send the rim to American Classic so they could attempt to return the rim back to its original condition or send the wheel to American Classic for a complete rebuild. I decided there would be no harm in attempting to fix the rim myself…

This sort of repair is something I have zero experience with, and it requires a deft touch. I actually managed to get the damage repaired pretty well, and there was no longer any air leaking from the damaged area. Sweet!

I get to tend the rabbits, George?!

I get to tend the rabbits, George?!

Feeling quite pleased with myself, I was using my wrench to make some final micro-adjustments to the damaged area of the rim. Then, in a true Lennie Small-esque moment, the wrench suddenly gave as I pushed it straight through the edge of rim.

I sat there feeling stupid for awhile, and let the fact that I’d just destroyed my rim sink in.

So I emailed American Classic again, and I included a picture of my handiwork so they could all marvel over my craftsmanship. I was really impressed when I received a second personal phone call to discuss my options.

Clearly my options at this point were limited (a rebuild was necessary), but American Classic really went the extra mile for me. They are charging me an extremely low fee for lacing up a brand new rim to my existing spokes and hub, and they are even covering the shipping back to me. American Classic is in Tampa, which is just ~75 miles from me, and they told me the turn around time would be just one day. So my bike should be trail-ready again by Monday afternoon. Very cool.

I’m really impressed with the personal service I received from American Classic, as that’s something you just don’t see much of these days. A+.

So the sun is finally shining again here in O-town! It’s beautiful outside, and I’m going to celebrate by taking most of today’s leg workout to the back yard. It’s been a long time since I’ve done walking barbell lunges, and so those are on the agenda for sure. 🙂