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Took yesterday off; Incorporating recovery rides.

This was me this yesterday.
This was me this weekend.

This was me yesterday.

I took yesterday completely off, and basically sat around the house most of the day watching movies, playing poker and cooking. I simply was not in the mood to exercise, and I felt like a lazy day was just what I needed. I think it was the right call, as I enjoyed myself and I feel recharged and ready to go this morning.

In Saturday morning’s blog I brought up the subject of adding direct leg weight training back into my lifting routine. That notion was mainly based on my perception that my legs were feeling a little less than 100% out on the trails. There were some excellent thoughts and suggestions posted here and on Facebook. A common thread running through most of the replies from other riders is the importance of recovery rides. I’m usually out there giving 100% all the time, and so incorporating some recovery rides into the mix is definitely something I’ll be doing now. Thanks for the input!

This line of thought also got me thinking about Strava, and how it has effected some pretty big changes to the way I ride. I love Strava, but I don’t think all the changes it’s brought to my riding are good. I don’t have time to get into my thoughts on that this morning, so I’ll be discussing that in tomorrow’s blog.