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Some left shoulder pain; Weekend plans/Lisa’s Birthday; Busy day ahead.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 by  
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For the past few days my left shoulder and part of my left side have been hurting a bit. I don’t think the pain is a result of Friday’s heavy upper body workout, but I suppose that’s a possibility. I’m pretty sure I slept in a weird position on that side a few nights ago, and that’s the cause. I just love getting old. Hopefully by this Friday’s workout the pain will be gone. This Friday I’ll be using more moderate weight, but much higher intensity: short rest intervals, supersets, giant sets, drop sets, etc.

Good times.

Good times.

Speaking of getting old, Lisa’s Birthday is coming up on Friday. Just kidding about the “old” remark, Lisa (I’m so dead now). Anyway, Lisa’s parents are coming to stay with us for the weekend to celebrate. I’ve been eating clean all week, as we’ll be going out to eat and it won’t be healthy. Lisa will be selecting the restaurant, and its either going to be our favorite Mexican joint or a new catfish place she’s been drooling over every time she drives by. Both sound great to me. It’s been ages since I’ve had some good fried catfish, but I also never tire of fajitas.

On Sunday Lisa and her mom are going clothes shopping while her father and I hole up in the theater and watch loud action movies. The popcorn machine will be very active on Sunday.

So you can see why I’ve been eating so clean this week. This weekend my diet is going to be pretty ugly, and I won’t be able to ride at all. My weekly stats on Sunday morning should be interesting.

I wanted to go mountain biking yesterday morning, but I simply didn’t have time. I was able to get a 13.4 mile ride in on the recumbent bike before work. Better than nothing, but pretty boring.

This morning I’m looking at another very busy day. I’m trying to figure out a way to break away long enough to get a quick ride in somewhere, but it’s going to be tough. If I can’t get a real ride in, maybe this afternoon I’ll mute my phone long enough for a HIIT session on the recumbent.

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