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Recipe alteration to an existing favorite: how did it taste?

Thursday, July 19, 2012 by  
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Mustard, Maple and Rosemary Chicken with Almonds.

Mustard, Maple and Rosemary Chicken with Almonds.

Yesterday evening I prepared Mustard, Maple and Rosemary Chicken with Almonds for dinner, only I substituted some crumbled crispy bacon for the almonds. I know what you’re thinking, “Maple and bacon? How can you go wrong with that!” That’s what I thought, and why I decided to make the change.

It was very good, but not an improvement on the original recipe. The bacon, of course, tasted excellent with the maple, however I feel the rosemary and bacon flavor combination didn’t work quite as well as the original rosemary and almond duo. I guess I could leave out the rosemary (or back off on it), but to me the rosemary is a key ingredient in this dish, and I wouldn’t want to lose it.

This may be the only time in recorded history that bacon didn’t improve a recipe.

Lisa and I watch a lot of cooking shows (in fact, that’s pretty much the only time you’ll find me in front of a television). We always joke that when someone on Chopped (or another cooking competition show) adds bacon to whatever it is he or she is preparing that they will definitely win. It’s hard to go wrong with that ingredient.

Well, there are 4 chicken breast left over, and I’ll be eating those using the original ingredients: fresh rosemary and roasted almonds. Can’t wait for lunch!

I should also mention that the recipe may seem pretty heavy on the maple syrup (1/2 cup), but the reality is that’s spread over six breasts. Also, when I computed the Nutrition Facts for the recipe I did so as if all of the sauce would be consumed; in reality, however, quite a lot of the sauce is never even eaten. So this dish really winds up weighing in at considerably less than the already fairly light 379 calories shown.

Give this dish a try, I think you’ll love it. Also, if you do try making it with bacon (or make other alterations), let us know in the comments section below the recipe!

Well, yesterday I didn’t get any exercise at all. I certainly could have taken 30 minutes in the afternoon to break away for a HIIT cardio session, but I chose not to. Boo. I’ve got another busy day ahead, but I really want to ride this morning, even if it means working late. I’ve got a weight training workout on tap tomorrow, and we’ve got house guests this weekend. Today is pretty much my last chance to ride this week…

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