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Fun weekend ahead; Strava segment matching follow-up.

My second favorite room in the house (after the gym, of course!)

Finally, the weekend is here! It’s been a pretty crazy week, and I’m ready for some fun and relaxation.

My second favorite room in the house (after the gym, of course!)

My second favorite room in the house (after the gym, of course!)

This weekend we’re celebrating Lisa’s birthday (Lisa’s so awesome we need a whole weekend to do it right). Her parents are coming over in a few hours, and they’ll be staying with us for the next couple days. Today we’re all going out to eat (Lisa’s choice), and on Sunday Lisa and her mom are going shopping all day long. While Lisa and her mom are setting sales records all over Orlando, Lisa’s dad and I are going to hang here at the house, gorge ourselves on popcorn and watch Stuff Blow Up Real Good in the theater. If I could manage to squeeze a ride in somewhere it would be the perfect weekend, but two out of three ain’t bad.

Quick follow-up to the Strava segment matching issue I posted about in yesterday’s blog. Strava’s support team wrote me back and said (in part):

“I was not able to match the segment for you because the GPS data indicates an error in our current segment matching algorithm occurred.We’re actively working to polish our segment matching algorithm – it’s certainly a work in progress. We are aware of the issues that can come up with segment matching, and we have solutions to come!”

I’m still not sure exactly what the specific problem was, or if there is anything I can do to minimize the odds of it happening again. But hey, stuff happens. Strava is breaking new ground here, and I can appreciate the difficulties involved. That said, I replied and made the same suggestion to them that I made towards the end of yesterday’s blog (about only allowing segments to be created when they are recorded within defined GPS accuracy parameters). Obviously as an end-user I don’t have any real technical information, so for all I know my suggestion is not a practical or even possible. I hope to at least hear Strava’s thoughts on the feasibility of implementing something like that.

Well, we’ve got a lot of cleaning to do this morning and I need to jump on it and get it out of the way. I hope you have a nice Saturday!