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Stressful day yesterday: didn’t exercise, but ate clean.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 by  
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What a day yesterday was. Thankfully I got all those network problems taken care of by mid-day, and then was able to complete my usual workload without having to work too much later than usual.

I really should have done some cardio on the recumbent bike after work, but I just didn’t feel like it. In fact, I was feeling so lazy that I was tempted to order pizza for dinner instead of cooking. Resisting the pizza was not difficult, as my diet was pretty sloppy over the weekend and I was craving healthy food.

Fresh from the garden!

Fresh from the garden!

While I was half-hardheartedly mulling over ordering pizza, I realized that I’ve not had pizza delivery even a single time so far this year. I’ve eaten pizza few times so far in 2012, but I’ve been making it here at the house using fresh tomatoes, rosemary and basil from our gardens. Not only does pizza made using fresh ingredients taste better, it’s a whole lot healthier than those grease wheels Pizza Hut and Domino’s sends out.

So far things have been quiet at work this morning, and getting some trail time in today is looking probable. We got about an inch of pretty hard rain last night, so the trails should be running pretty good.

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