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September 2012 Transformation Spotlight: baldridges September 2012 Transformation Spotlight: baldridges

The Transformation Spotlight (formerly the “Transformation Spotlight of the Month”) makes its return with an outstanding life-changing transformation by forum member “baldridges” (Stephen). Stephen’s fitness journey began a little differently than most do: overweight, out of shape and unhealthy, he didn’t go on a “diet”–he simply decided to start training for a 1/2 marathon. Stephen’s diet evolved naturally to further his endurance training. Today Stephen is almost 60 pounds lighter, he’s dropped almost 10 inches… [Read more]

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All Lycra’d up (photo); DZNuts; Weight almost back to normal. For someone who never wears tight clothing, donning this skin tight lycra is a strange feeling. It kind of reminds me of when I put on my sister's dress when I was 7 years old. I really wish I didn't tell you that.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’m doing the 42-mile Epic Ride at Santos this weekend. The prospect of doing 42 miles (all off-road) in the heat and humidity got me thinking about comfort, and the wisdom (or lack thereof) of attempting that ride wearing my usual riding clothing: baggy and a loose-fitting wicking sleeveless shirt. When I rode on Tuesday morning, even after just eight miles my shorts were soaked in sweat, heavy and… [Read more]

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Cardio & stamina off; I’m doing the 42-mile “Epic” ride at Santos this weekend. Ocala Mountain Biking Association 42-mile Epic Mountain Bike Ride at Santos.

After almost two week of inactivity and a fairly sloppy diet, yesterday morning I was itching for a good workout. Yesterday’s ride was the first time I’ve been on my mountain bike in 12 days, and I really struggled. More on that a little further down. I rode the Mt. Dora mountain biking trails, and I finally met up with Mike Simmons. Mike and I have been talking on Facebook, Strava and via text message… [Read more]

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Fitness “Boot camp” off to a good start; Returning to the trails. Finally back to the trails after 12 days.

It felt GREAT getting back to my usual routine and clean diet yesterday! I started off the day with a 45 minute/14 mile fasted LISS cardio session on the recumbent bike, had a PWO Nitrean + Natural peanut butter shake for breakfast and then went outside in the pouring rain to replant the banana tree that was blown over in the storm. After my shower I got some chicken breasts marinating for dinner (Key West… [Read more]

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Tough week; Back into my usual routine with a fitness boot camp.

Last week was one of the most trying and difficult in recent memory. Between a very stressful work week, my very sick dog and several other issues that popped up, unfortunately fitness and blogging had to take a back seat to those things. I’m happy to report that Loki has made a full recovery and is doing much better. Also–and I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this–it seems that work has settled down… [Read more]

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Taking a break from blogging.

Loki is doing better. He’s not shaking anymore, he’s eating, he can walk and he’s no longer vomiting. He’s still very weak, and now he’s dealing with some stomach issues. Those stomach problems kept Lisa and I up most of last night. I suspect the stomach problems will work themselves out, but I’m going to talk to the vet to see if there’s anything we can do to settle things down. Work stress is also… [Read more]

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2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #22 The FatTrack Pro Digital Body Fat Caliper

Week #22 of my 2012 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 175.0 pounds. That’s a -0.2 pound change since last week’s weight of 175.2 pounds, and a 3.4 pound gain to my 2012 end-of-cut weight of 171.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the is 7.4%. That’s a 0.0% body fat change since… [Read more]

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Quick update, early appointment with vet. Loki resting last night.

Yesterday not too long after posting my blog things went from bad to worse with Loki… Loki wouldn’t lift his head or even acknowledge me. I could tell he was going downhill fast, so I quickly threw on some jeans and raced him to the vet. I had to carry him out to the truck, and he felt like a limp noodle in my arms. He was unresponsive the entire ride, and I found myself… [Read more]

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Up all night with sick Loki. :(

Poor Loki. Last night he woke me up at about 11:30, and he was not feeling well at all. As the night progressed he got worse and worse, throwing up, refusal to eat, drinking lots of water, panting, so weak he could barely stand… It was a classic full-blown “Addisonian episode”. Lisa and I took turns with him all night long, but none of us really got any sleep. This is the first time since… [Read more]

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Your emails answered: What would you change?

James P. writes: “If you could change just one thing about your original transformation, what would that be and why?” That’s actually a question I get a lot, and the answer is not as cut and dried as most people expect. My short answer? Nothing. I wouldn’t change a thing. Do not infer from my answer that mistakes weren’t made, because lots of mistakes were made. My initial transformation was highly successful, but it was… [Read more]

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