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Did another intensity weight training workout yesterday; Yard work today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012 by  
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Last week’s upper body workout was a high volume, high intensity training session and yesterday I was in the mood for more of the same. Rest intervals were very brief (always 60 seconds or less), and, just like last week, I did no “straight” sets. Lots of supersets and drop sets. The workout only lasted 45 minutes, but I must have sweat away 2 or 3 pounds of water during that time.

Yard work. Yay.

Yard work. Yay.

Another Saturday, and another day of yard work when I’d rather be out riding. Sigh. I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy that I should never pay someone to do a job I have the knowledge and physical capability to do myself, and that’s a large part of the reason I refuse to hire a lawn service. The other reason is because no lawn service could ever do as good a job as I do. 🙂

Several of my neighbors have asked me why I don’t hire a lawn crew. They think I’m crazy for choosing to spend hours every weekend working outside in the broiling heat. Most of my neighbors are also overweight, but I suppose it would be rude to suggest that perhaps a little manual labor would do them some good.

The nice thing is when it finally does cool off not only is mountain biking more comfortable, everything stops growing so darn fast. I’m looking forward to spending Saturdays out on the trails and not walking behind a mower and pulling weeds.

Really I don’t mind being out there working. Spending time in the yard is actually a source of enjoyment and relaxation for me. About the only time I don’t feel that way is during the dog days of summer, which we’re definitely right in the middle of at the moment.

I’d better get out there, the temperature is rising quickly.

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