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Quick blog, Loki to the vet again.

Loki, about a year ago.

This is going to have to be a brief blog–it’s been on of those mornings.



We got the blood test results for Loki back, and it looks like his Addison’s disease has progressed. He’s still remarkably healthy for a large 17 year old dog, but his electrolytes are out of whack. His potassium levels are quite high, and that’s pretty typical for dogs with Addison’s. In addition to Prednisone (which he’s been taking for years) Loki is going to have to start having monthly injections of something called Percorten-V; this should restore proper electrolyte balance. I think I’m going to have to learn how to give him the shots, as trips to the vet really stress him out.

Anyway, I have to wrap up a few things at work and get Loki to the vet. They need to start him on the Percorten-V right away, as the risk of heart failure is quite high with his potassum levels this elevated.

I’m just glad there is a safe an effective solution for the problem. Go Loki! 🙂