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Key West Chicken last night (updated); New comment notification feature.

Key West Chicken
Key West Chicken

Key West Chicken

Yesterday morning I noticed there was a new “11 out of 10” rating and review on the Key West Chicken recipe. That Key West Chicken dish makes for a fantastic summer meal, and as luck would have it I had some freshly defrosted chicken breasts in the fridge. I decided to get them marinating, and last night I grilled them for dinner.

While I was looking at the recipe yesterday, I noticed an old comment that I’d somehow completely missed. The member who posted the comment wanted to know if I was going to post the nutrition information for the recipe. The lack of nutrition data was an oversight on my part, as I thought I’d put that information up on all of the recipes I’ve submitted. Also, there was no photograph of the completed dish. I guess I dropped the ball when I originally put that recipe up! 😮

So I’ve corrected those errors by including the nutritional data and also a new picture from last night’s dinner.

I imagine that this dish would be quite good baked, too, so if you don’t have a grill you may want to try baking the chicken at 400° (F) for 20 minutes or so.

Yesterday JSF member “jk0” suggested that I add comment email notifications, and I thought that was a great idea. Now when someone replies directly to a comment you’ve made on any of the blogs, recipes, posts or anything else here on JSF you’ll get an email letting you know. Don’t worry, you won’t get emails just because someone replies to the same article or blog as you; you’ll only get the email if someone replies directly to your comment. This new feature is retroactive, so even if someone replies to a comment you made last year you’ll know about it.

It’s move-in week for quite a few colleges right now, and my company provides high speed Internet service primarily to student housing MDUs. Needless to say, I’m overloaded with work right now. I didn’t get any exercise in yesterday, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to break away for some mountain biking today!