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Rode yesterday, 1 new PR; Good article on doping; AtLarge Mobile VIP Club.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by  
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My bike has never run better! Too bad my riding was poor yesterday.

My bike has never run better! Too bad my riding was poor yesterday.

Yesterday I rode at Mt. Dora, and I had a pretty good ride. Of course it was really hot, and breathing was painful in the humid air. Despite the less than ideal conditions I was in the mood to try for a couple of new personal records.

I managed to set a new personal record on the Gravity Destroyer climb segment (4th overall) but, thinking I’d completed the segment, I mistakenly slowed too early. I know I can beat yesterday’s time by a decent amount and move up a spot or two on the leaderboard. Next time.

I also tried for a new personal record on The Loop segment, but both attempts were thwarted by yet another unleashed dog on the trail. Oh well, at least no one was hurt. Quite honestly I was riding so poorly that I doubt I would have beat my best time anyway. I really felt out of sync with my bike yesterday.

Right now about the best I can hope for on the The Loop segment is to further improve my personal best. I’m presently in 2nd place on the leaderboard, and 1st place is so far out of my reach it might as well be on the moon. Simmons rode that segment yesterday and turned in a new record time of 7m12s–more than a full minute faster than me or anyone else! Mike and I are going to ride together this week, so hopefully I can pick up a thing or two from him.

JSF Member Eric R. sent me a link to an interesting and thought-provoking NYT article that I’d like to pass along: How to Get Doping Out of Sports. The article was penned by Jonathan Vaughters, a former professional cyclist and admitted ex-doper. Jonathan writes with refreshing candor, and does an excellent job of explaining why he chose the path he did without excusing it. Jonathan is now working to help ensure athletes can be competitive at the highest levels without feeling as though they need cheat to get there. It’s a good read, check it out here.

Want a chance to pick up a hundred bucks while keeping up with the latest sales, specials and product releases from JSF Sponsor AtLarge Nutrition? Chris Mason, owner, sends along the following:

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