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Up all night with sick Loki. :(

Friday, August 17, 2012 by  
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Poor Loki. Last night he woke me up at about 11:30, and he was not feeling well at all. As the night progressed he got worse and worse, throwing up, refusal to eat, drinking lots of water, panting, so weak he could barely stand… It was a classic full-blown “Addisonian episode”. Lisa and I took turns with him all night long, but none of us really got any sleep.

This is the first time since Loki was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and began medication for it (I guess that diagnosis was about 6 or 7 years ago) that something like this has happened. He started his electrolyte therapy (to combat elevated potassium–common in Addison dogs) a little over a week ago, so in theory he should be feeling better than ever. I’m calling the vet in a few minutes. He’s finally resting, so I’m hoping she can offer some help over the phone, as I don’t want to wake him and subject him to a car ride.

Lisa has meetings all day and I also have an incredibly busy day ahead, but thankfully nothing that requires me to leave my home office. Lack of sleep and stress has reduced my brain power to about 20%, which puts my mental abilities somewhere between that of a squirrel and a potato. Should be an interesting day…

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6 Responses to “Up all night with sick Loki. :(”
  1. What a night John. I hope Loki feels better shortly. With all of that going on the happy birthday you left me on Facebook this morning feels that much better to me. Thanks again John.

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  2. Thank you all very much.

    Daan, hope your pup is feeling better, and iceman I hope you’re having a great birthday.

    Unfortunately Loki seemed to be getting worse, and wouldn’t even lift his head for me. I had to carry him to the truck and rush him to the vet. He was unresponsive the entire ride. I thought I was going to lose him on the drive. The vet performed xrays, blood work and some other tests. Thankfully there are no internal issues that they can see, and his blood work looks fine (even his electrolytes are normal now). His gums are pale and he appears to be in shock–possibly the Addison’s. He’s staying at the vet all day. They have him on IV fluids and he seems to be doing better now. He even stood up when I came in to say goodbye for the day, so that’s a great sign.

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  3. Hi John

    Been reading your blog and following your “Loki is sick” thread in the particular.

    Been where you and Loki are now not so long ago and yet I’m truly at a loss for what to say to adequately convey my sincere empathy to you and Lisa other than offer my heartfelt hope for the best possible outcome for Loki.


    Keiron ..& Tin-tin (my remaining ‘little mate’)

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