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Quick update, early appointment with vet.

Loki resting last night.

Yesterday not too long after posting my blog things went from bad to worse with Loki…

Loki wouldn’t lift his head or even acknowledge me. I could tell he was going downhill fast, so I quickly threw on some jeans and raced him to the vet. I had to carry him out to the truck, and he felt like a limp noodle in my arms. He was unresponsive the entire ride, and I found myself fighting back tears: I thought I was going to lose him right then and there. I called my vet as I was driving to let them know I was rushing Loki in. When I pulled into the parking lot a couple staff member ran out to help and we took Loki straight back into the operating area.

I’ve been taking animals (mine as well as strays/rescues) to this practice for more than 20 years now, and they are the best. I’m especially fond of Loki’s current vet (she was also Turtle’s primary vet): she’s not just an incredibly talented veterinarian, she truly loves animals and is just an amazing person in general.

Loki resting last night.

Loki resting last night.

As soon as we arrived at the clinic Loki’s doctor performed x-rays, blood work and several other tests. Thankfully she saw no internal issues and his blood work looked fine (even his electrolytes are normal now thanks to the treatments he started last week). Loki’s gums were really pale, however, and he seemed to be in a state of shock. It looks like Loki suffered an “Addisonian Crisis”, which can lead to death without treatment. I’m so glad I took him in when I did.

Loki was at the vet all day long on a IV drip, and when I picked him up in the late afternoon he was more alert and walking. I gave him some brown rice and Greek yogurt for dinner, and he woofed it down. More importantly, he kept it down. A bit later in the evening I gave him some more brown rice and a little salmon. He inhaled it.

Loki was obviously exhausted, but he seemed restless and was still quite shaky. Lisa and I sat with him, softly stroking his fur and speaking quietly until he eventually fell asleep. As we watched Loki slumber his shakiness gradually subsided, and was mercifully replaced by calm, rhythmic breathing. Lisa and I simply smiled at one another, but the significance of that moment was not lost on either of us.

Loki (and we) slept the entire night through. We all needed a good night sleep, but none more than Loki. This morning he is still very weak, but able to walk. He even ate a little food.

We’ve got an early follow-up appointment at the vet, so I’ve got to get going. Thanks everyone for all the kind words and concern. Loki’s a tough pup, and if anyone can get through this he can.