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Tough week; Back into my usual routine with a fitness boot camp.

Monday, August 27, 2012 by  
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Last week was one of the most trying and difficult in recent memory. Between a very stressful work week, my very sick dog and several other issues that popped up, unfortunately fitness and blogging had to take a back seat to those things. I’m happy to report that Loki has made a full recovery and is doing much better. Also–and I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this–it seems that work has settled down a bit, too. Many of the other issues that came up have also been dealt with, so I’m starting this week feeling very positive!

My diet over the past 10 days or so can be summed up in one word: ugly. I was not in the mood to do much cooking, and I fell back on so-called “comfort foods” like pizza, steak, hamburgers and barbecue. Those meals became welcome respites from the stress and difficulties that I was experiencing, and so I allowed myself to have those things several time last week. That sloppy diet is a bit of a departure from the way I normally deal with stress: I generally use a healthy diet as a bedrock during trying times, but last week I just wanted to let go. So I did.

Exercise last week? Practically none. On many days I was so tired from being up all night with Loki that I found even the most mundane activities to be difficult. Lack of sleep combined with stress and worry had me feeling like a zombie, especially the first half of last week. When Loki started to improve it took a few nights of uninterrupted sleep to finally feel like I could function. When I was a young man I could get by without much sleep, but at 43 I’m a mess with anything less than 6 hours, and I need 8 hours to feel “right”. Anyway, even over the weekend when I felt like I was alert enough to go mountain biking, I was just not in the mood. Instead I focused on accomplishing stuff around the house: yard work, cleaning, laundry, random little projects here and there–that kind of thing. I found it satisfying to get those things done, so I’m glad that I did them.

This morning I’m really in the mood to go mountain biking, but were feeling the effects of Isaac as the storm brushes past the state. We’ve had so much rain and wind that I’m guessing the trails are not in good shape anyway.

The past 10 days or so have left me feeling bloated and out of shape. What I’m going to do now is get back to my 100% clean diet and get myself whipped back into shape with daily exercise. This will be similar to the “Fitness Boot Camp” program I did after my last vacation: clean foods, no cheat meals, daily exercise and plenty of rest.

Since I can’t mountain bike this morning I’m going to get some fasted cardio in on the recumbent bike and then go out back and attempt to replant one of the huge banana trees that blew over in the storm yesterday.

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