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I will be selling my Trek 4300 Disc soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by  
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2010 Trek 4300 Disc Mountain Bike.

2010 Trek 4300 Disc Mountain Bike.

Since purchasing my Fuel EX 8 mountain bike last summer, my 2010 Trek 4300 Disc mountain bike has sat idle in my garage. Actually, that’s not entirely true: I’ve been wrenching on the bike quite a bit over the past year (more on that below) in my home bike shop. It was very nice having a bike on which I could hone my bike mechanic chops without running the risk of not being able to ride if something were to go wrong. The experience I gained working on the 4300 gave my the confidence this past March to gut and rebuild my Fuel with all new better/lighter parts.

None of my bikes have seen the inside of a professional shop in more than a year, and they are all running perfectly. In fact, the only mechanical issue I’ve suffered on the trails over the past year was a broken valve stem. Not bad. Building my own home bike shop has saved me a small fortune over the past year and provided me with another bike-related hobby that I really enjoy.

Over the past year my Trek 4300 Disc has also received a major overhaul, and it now contains almost all new parts. The following parts have less than 5 miles on them (and those miles were just for testing on pavement): New chain, new bottom bracket, new crankset, new cassette, new shifters, new brake levers, new brake cables, new shifter cables, new saddle, new locking grips, new tires, new tubes and new brake pads.

The shocks work perfectly, as does the lockout. The frame (18″) is in excellent shape with just a couple minor cosmetic blemishes. Paint is black & white with red accents (as pictured above). The rotors have been resurfaced and have a lot of life left in them.

Anyway, I’m in the market for a road bike (I’ll be using it entirely for cardio training, not racing), so I think it’s time to sell my trusty 4300 Disc to help finance the new purchase.

I will provide a detailed itemized list of each and every part on the bike when I officially list it for sale.

The Trek 4300 Disc is an excellent, high quality mountain bike for someone who wants to get into the sport. In addition to the bike, I’m going to include a package of extras that will allow the person who purchases it to literally hit the trails that same day:

– Flat pedals AND Shimano PD-M647 clipless pedals. The PD-M647 clipeless pedals are perfect for someone who is interested in learning how to ride clipless: they have an outer cage that can be used as flats if you need to unclip for a tricky section of trail.

– Trek helmet.

– 50-ounce Camelbak hydration unit.

Cateye Micro-wiress bike computer.

I have not set a price yet, but it will be quite reasonable. I want to give JSF members/Facebook friends first shot at the bike, so I’ll be listing it here before I go the Craigslist route.

When I list the bike I’ll provide plenty of pictures and a very detailed parts listing. Selling locally would be best, but if you want to pay for me to pack and ship the bike that’s no problem.

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