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Ribs are hurting this morning; Twister!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by  
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Bruised ribs are pretty painful.

Bruised ribs are pretty painful.

That stupid little fall onto a rock at Santos on Saturday sure did a number on my ribs. The ribs just to the left of my left pectoral muscle are pretty bruised up. Breathing deeply and moving in certain ways is pretty painful. I don’t think the injury is quite as bad as the time I bruised my ribs at the Chuck Lennon trails, so that’s good.

As annoying as the pain is, it’s almost comical that the only injury I suffered on Saturday was simply because I happened to put my foot down on a wet rock (while stopped).

If you missed it, details of this weekend’s ride at Santos along with a 20-minute video are in yesterday’s blog. The video starts off a little slow and technical (several of the Red trails at Santos are very technical and not very flowing), but the action picks up as the video progresses. The final chapter of the video–“Twister” (starting at 15:38)–is my favorite trail: pure speed, fast corners and a non-stop adrenaline rush. Mike told me while we were riding he doesn’t like Twister. I thought he was kidding, but turns out he wasn’t. Not liking Twister is kind of not liking pizza! 😉

I need to ride this morning and see if these bruised ribs are going to create a problem for me. I hope not: there’s a very special group ride coming together this weekend that I’d love to be a part of…

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3 Responses to “Ribs are hurting this morning; Twister!”
  1. If it’s anything like what I experienced, those bruised ribs are going to be a problem. The only way I could manage to get a good ride in was by taking powerful pain killers, which I detest doing. Even Soldier’s Creek was excruciating without them. Fortunately the pain medicine I used didn’t cause drowsiness or produce any other undesirable side affects. I don’t remember what they were, but I’ll see if I can find the bottle.

    Twister is my kind of trail, but everyone has different tastes. I was surprised to hear that neither Flex nor his partner Ben like any of the red trails at Santos. Ben especially dislikes Sinkhole – something he never fails to mention whenever we pass the entrance. They tell me that the only reason for riding those trails is to hone your skills, not for enjoyment.

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    • There was some pain on this morning’s ride, but it must have motivated me: two new PRs and a new KOM at Mt. Dora. 🙂

      Strava screwed up and didn’t match one of “The Loop” segments properly, and of course that was the lap where I rode a 7:12 or 7:11 time with Mike! Freaking pissed.

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  2. Good to hear the pain isn’t preventing you from doing what you love! Too bad about Strava’s screw up, though. I had something similar happen two weeks ago when I ran a section of paved trail fast enough to at least place me near the top of the leader board. Come to find out, Strava shows me going through that section alright, but apparently didn’t recognize it as a known segment. Several minutes went by as I sat there shouting obscenities at my computer screen!

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