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Quick early blog, heading out to Haile’s Trails for the group ride.

Saturday, September 29, 2012 by  
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One of the rock gardens at Haile's Trails. A little of the deep rock quarry the trails are built on can be seen at far right (not my photo).

One of the rock gardens at Haile’s Trails. A little of the deep rock quarry the trails are built on can be seen at far right (not my photo).

The trails I’ll be riding today (see the second half of Wednesday’s blog for more information) are located in Gainesville, Florida, and that’s about a 2+ hour drive. I think the drive will be well worth it, as “Haile’s Trails” are known to be fun but extremely challenging. Open to the public just two times per year, the rare opportunity to ride these trails is not something to pass up.

Mike Simmons and I will be driving to the trailhead together, and we’ll be meeting up and riding with several other local riders. Some of the riders I already know, and some of them I have come to know through various forums, Strava and Facebook. I’m very much looking forward to riding with everyone and testing my skills on this trail. Unfortunately I don’t think Jim Beyer (Jim, Mike and I did the Santos Epic together, and Jim and I had a muddy and challenging training ride at Wekiwa a couple of weeks ago) is going to be able to make this trip. We’ll miss riding with you today, Jim.

I’ll have my GoPro HD running, so I should have some footage from the ride to go with my post-ride report on Monday.

I need to get on the road, but I’ll leave you with another video I found of the trails I’ll be riding today. This was the first race in the 2012 SERC US Cup, and the video is (I think) put together quite well. One thing was obvious in the video: some of the climbs are absolutely killer. In one shot I saw every single racer but pro rider Ryan Woodall walking his bike up a stupidly steep, rough and brutal climb. This is going to be a serious workout, and I can’t wait!

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