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The 2012 “Ride of the Living Dead” is coming up!

Monday, October 8, 2012 by  
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This month my goal is to ride at least 400 miles, with most of those miles coming from mountain biking. Last week I put in a total of 101.4 miles, so I’m ahead of pace.

I’ll be getting a nice boost to my monthly millage total near the end of the month….

Ride of the Living Dead - Can't wait!

Ride of the Living Dead – Can’t wait!

On Saturday, October 27th the 2012 Ride of the Living Dead at Santos will be happening, and I’m definitely taking part in that. This will be my first ROLD, and I’ve heard it’s a blast! Lots of people ride in costume, there are prizes and swag, a free lunch at the Ross Prairie trailhead and three supported SAG stops along the way. Registration is only 20 bucks ($30 if you wait until after the 17th).

There are three race courses from which to choose: a 15 mile, a 25 mile and a 50 mile. The 50 mile course is, I believe, pretty much the 42 mile Santos Epic (which I’ve done) with some added Blue trails tossed in. Of course I’ll be doing the 50 mile course, but I’m going to have to go dressed as a mountain biker to do that. 🙂

I’m very much looking forward to the ride. 50 miles will be a new off-road mountain biking distance record for me. I’m working my way up to a “dirty century”, which is a goal of mine for 2013.

Mike and I will be riding this together, but anyone else who wants to do the 50 is more than welcome to join us! Jim, Paul, Daniel, Blake, Andrew(s), Mark(s)… are you guys planning to attend?

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