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Out with the old, in with the new: setting up my high-tech cardio torture chamber.

Saturday, October 13, 2012 by  
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My two Trek 4300 mountain bikes and my Schwinn 231 indoor recumbent exercise bike have all sold at my asking prices. The items sold very quickly, and both transactions went smoothly.

I delivered the Schwinn exercise bike to a nice lady out in Deltona. I set up the bike for her, adjusted it so she was comfortable and then walked her through some of the bike’s features. She was very excited about exercising again, and that made me smile. The next morning I received an email from the woman letting me know that she’d done her first workout and that she loved the bike. 🙂

I sold both Trek 4300 mountain bikes (along with all the extras I was offering) to a younger couple. The poor guy had lost his Trek 4300 a few years back in a divorce, and was dying to get back into the sport. His new wife was eager to dip her toes into the mountain biking stream, and so Lisa’s 16″ 4300 was perfect for her. Before meeting the couple I took several hours to make sure the bikes were sparkling, well-tuned and running perfectly. When I delivered the bikes I could see in the guy’s eyes how excited he was, and that was really cool. I know my old bikes are in a good home; as silly as it may sound, that is important to me.

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to my first mountain bike. That Trek 4300 and I had some amazing adventures together, and I fell in love with mountain biking on her.

Geez, I sound like I broke up with my girlfriend or something. Well, other mountain bikers will understand.

By the way, the reason we sold Lisa’s mountain bike is because she’s no longer interested in mountain biking. She sort of freaked out when I got hurt a few years ago, and since then has only been on the trails one time (and was too scared to have fun). She decided that she’d rather have a road bike, and so I’ll be buying one of those for her soon.

Coming soon to my home gym: computer-enhanced suffering.

Coming soon to my home gym: computer-enhanced suffering.

So, like the title of this morning’s blog says, “Out with the old, in with the new!”

I’m busy setting up my indoor bike torture chamber. It’s going to be very high-tech, and very cool. I’m an IT guy and, as most of you know, I love analyzing data and high-tech toys. I’m going to leverage those strengths to help make me into a better athlete.

I should have most everything set up early next week, and once everything is in place and dialed in I’m going to post a lengthy blog about it. There will be lots of pictures and detailed information on everything I’m using, so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “Out with the old, in with the new: setting up my high-tech cardio torture chamber.”
  1. Cant wait to see your torture chamber John. Mine consists of the trainer in my garage and a small 13″ TV, but it works! Only suggestion I have for you is to buy a cheap road tire and throw it on the rear when the bike goes on the trainer, I’ve heard that extended time on a trainer weakens the tire as it never moves around and cools on the center of the tread which over time weakens the casing.

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    • That section of my gym is going to be really cool, I think. I should have it entirely together by Tuesday night, but 90% of it will be done this afternoon. I’ll have the blog up on Wednesday. I’ll update my home gym page, too.

      I’m going to be switching between the mountain bike, the Madone on the road and the Madone on the fluid trainer several times each week, so switching tires around that frequently is, honestly, not something I’m willing to do. I may just have to replace the tires a little earlier as a penalty for that convenience.

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