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2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #30

Sunday, October 14, 2012 by  
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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #30 of my 2012 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report.

My scale weight this morning (as measured by the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale) is 169.8 pounds. That’s a -0.2 pound change since last week’s weight of 170.0 pounds, and a 1.8 pound loss from my 2012 end-of-cut weight of 171.6 pounds.

My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Caliper is 5.6%. That’s a -0.1% body fat change since last week’s body fat measurement of 5.7%, and a- 0.1% change from my body fat reading at the end of my 2012 cut, which was 5.7%.

Using my scale weight along with my body fat reading I can easily calculate how much of my weight change was fat, and how much was lean mass (note: JSF BodyShop™ makes these calculations for you automatically). Over the past week I’ve lost 0.18 pounds of fat and lost 0.02 pounds of lean mass; since my 2012 cut ended I’ve lost a total of 0.27 pounds of fat and lost a total of 1.53 pounds of lean mass.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show that over the past week I’ve lost a quarter inch from my waist and a quarter inch from my chest while all other measurements remained the same. Since the end of my 2012 cut I’ve lost a quarter inch from my calves, a quarter inch from my forearms and a quarter inch from my chest, and gained a quarter inch to my quads. All other measurements have remained the same.

My detailed stats (including all tape measurements) and food logs can always be found on JSF BodyShop™. Just create a free account (existing JSF Forum members should simply log in using their forum username and password) and search for me.

Well, if this trend continues I’m not going to even have to do a formal cut this winter: I’m at a lower body fat percentage and scale weight now than I was 30 weeks ago when I ended my 2012 cut! There’s no question that this has been my most successful maintenance phase of the past decade.

My diet this week was super-clean. I’ve had practically no cravings for junk food. In fact, the other day I was thinking pizza sounded really good, so I bought the stuff to make one for dinner. When dinner time rolled around the craving was gone, and so I made a healthy stir fry instead.

My activity level was very high again this week. I’m really training hard, and that (along with my clean diet) is why I’m continuing to lose fat. So far this week I’ve biked more than 100 miles, and I’m going to do at least another 15 miles today, which will put me way ahead of my 100-mile weekly target. After today’s ride I should be over 215 miles for the month, which puts me ahead of pace to reach my goal of 400 miles for the month. I would not be surprised if I hit 500 miles this month.

I’m riding more than ever and I’m in good shape, but I’m ready to kick things into high gear. I’m going to get very structured and focused with my training, and I’m not waiting until January to do it. I’ll talk more about that next week.

Here are my cardiovascular statistics for this week (as measured by the Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor and the Garmin Edge 500 – Red Premium Bundle). For more information on these statistics, please check out my February 14, 2011 blog.

HRrest: 41 BPM +1 BPM since March 18, 2012)
HRmax: 202 BPM (+6 BPM since March 18, 2012)
Heart Rate Reserve: 161 BPM (+4 BPM since March 18, 2012)
Heart Rate Recovery: 87 BPM
VO2 MAX (Uth—Sørensen—Overgaard—Pedersen equation): 73.90 ml/min/kg (+0.4 ml/min/kg since March 18, 2012)

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2 Responses to “2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #30”
  1. Great report John! I’ve been so impressed with your dedication and consistency. Eight months since your cut ended and you’re still striving to improve. Thanks again for for setting the example.

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