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Changing athletic focus has resulted in some backlash; JSF to close?

Bulking in 2008. Good times.
Bulking in 2008. Good times.

Bulking in 2008. Good times.

Recently I’ve caught a bit of flak from a few people who don’t care for the direction my fitness life (and, thus, this blog) has taken. Specifically, some people have voiced displeasure that lately I write more about mountain biking, cycling, cardio training, general fitness and so on than bodybuilding and fat loss.

Bodybuilding was an important part of my fitness world for many, many years. I enjoyed the process of seeing how big I could grow my muscles and then how ripped I could become. Thanks to bodybuilding I learned an incredible amount about fat loss, muscle building, weight training, nutrition, self-discipline, hard work and sacrifice.

Over the past decade I’ve written literally thousands of articles and daily blogs, and those articles and blogs have covered a vast range of topics: everything from muscle building to motivation, from nutrition to general health. All those blogs and articles are still here on this site, as well as my workouts and training programs, my stats and measurements, my food and supplement logs, my training equipment, my motivational blogs, my beginner’s “fat loss 101” series, hundreds (thousands?) of photos, videos… everything!

After many years of bodybuilding (and achieving what I felt were pretty good results), I found myself growing bored with the whole thing. I’m not saying I regret any of those years, I most certainly do not. In fact, those years bring back some incredibly fond memories.

I’m proud of what I accomplished when I was bodybuilding, and I’m especially proud of those JSF members and visitors who changed their lives through health and fitness. That I have been a part of some of your amazing transformations is, without a doubt, one of the proudest achievements of my entire life.

Healthy living and fitness changed my life, and those things are more important to me now than they ever were. But I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not. I just can’t do it. My fitness-related interests, goals and aspirations have changed over the years, and I think that’s a good thing. I think it’s healthy. I’m 100% at peace with it.

My body transformation is over, but my fitness transformation is ever-evolving and far from done. I have new athletic goals and interests, and I’m stoked about them!

So I guess I have a couple of choices here…

One option is to stop updating this site and just keep doing my thing. Part of me is attracted to this idea. Although I’ve adapted to it, being in the limelight is something I’ve never been terribly comfortable with. I’ve had to grow some pretty thick skin over the past 10 years. I’ve had everything from over-the-top adulation to death threats thrown at me. Not much surprises me any more. There is a definite allure to the notion of quietly slipping back into the shadows.

January 6, 2013 will be the 10th anniversary of John Stone Fitness. I suppose if I were to close the place down that would be a fairly poetic day on which to do it.

But, after a nearly a decade of running John Stone Fitness, it’s become so intertwined with who I am that I’m not sure I could separate myself from it even if I wanted to. And, despite what I wrote above, the pros outweigh the cons. Even after all these years I truly enjoy updating this site every day.

If I do continue, my blogs will cover (as they always have) a wide range of health and fitness subjects. I want to be clear, however, that my athletic goals have changed and I won’t apologize for that. There’s nothing wrong with wanting huge guns and a 48″ chest, but that’s not me any more. Been there, done that, split open the t-shirt.

So, now what? Feel free to stay tuned.