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Follow-up to Saturday’s blog: thank you JSF community, we live on.

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When I posted Saturday’s blog (“Changing athletic focus has resulted in some backlash; JSF to close?“), I was not sure what sort of response I was going to get. To be perfectly honest, I very nearly scrapped the entire blog after I wrote it. The reason I almost didn’t post the blog is because, frankly, I was afraid of what the response might be.

As I mentioned in Saturday’s blog, I tend to be a fairly private person. Putting myself out there–as I choose to do–has always been somewhat difficult for me. Over the years I’ve grown a little more comfortable with being in the public eye, but I’ll never be entirely at ease with it. I could never be a famous actor or something like that. I’d go crazy.

That aside, I love writing this blog every morning, and I love the JSF community that we’ve built over the last decade. On Saturday morning after completing my blog I hesitated for quite some time before hitting the “Publish” button. When I finally did commit the blog to the electronic Universe, I felt a little sad: I knew there was a decent chance that blog was the beginning of the end of JSF.

After I posted the blog, I grabbed my mountain bike and took off with my friend Mike for the trails. I purposely left my phone in the truck, as I didn’t want any electronic reminders that the fate of JSF was being decided. The ride cleared my mind, and left me feeling centered and at peace.

When I got home a few hours later and saw the responses to the blog I was truly stunned. A deluge of Facebook comments, comments posted directly to the blog, private messages on the JSF forums, PMs on Facebook and emails were all telling me one thing: don’t quit, and don’t change.

My most sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to tell me what JSF has meant to you over the years. I read each and every response several times, and took everything said to heart.

JSF isn’t going anywhere. Here’s to the next decade!

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15 Responses to “Follow-up to Saturday’s blog: thank you JSF community, we live on.”
  1. I keep looking at that JSF logo and am trying to figure out how to make the weight plates bike wheels and adjust the rest to a biker. Someone has got to give this a try to see what it would look like. I think it would turn out pretty cool.

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  2. Great news John. You have been an inspiration to me over the years, and personally I like the new direction the blog has gone in (as I have been mountain biking for over 20 years since i was (cough) years old!)

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  3. I read that blog and was going to respond to it at the time but ended up reading a ton of the responses instead and agreed with them. Don’t change. You don’t seem the type to change for other people, but for yourself, which is a good thing. All your health & fitness data & stats & pics from Years are on your site, and your forum can focus on individual aspects of health such as bulking, cutting, endurance, nutrition, biking etc so there is no reason anyone should complain. Obviously your passion for biking and stuff has grown an incredible amount over time, but that is absolutely fine. I’d been meaning to tell you that because of you always writing about biking, and because I live close to work, I decided to bike there & back a bit this summer and ended up biking the most I had in over 10 years. Granted, it was still nowhere near how much you do and I’ve cut back since then, but I’m still talking several dozen miles. So keep being yourself and do what you enjoy. After all, as you yourself said, you do enjoy making updates and your life is kind of intertwined with jsf as it is anyways.

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  4. I’ve never drawn my inspiration from you because we had the same goals or program or anything like that. The thing that’s fascinated me ever since I found this site back in Jan 04 is the unwavering passion and dedication you show in everything you do. Whether it was cutting, bulking, DVD collecting, eating tortilla chips, or now biking, the activity isn’t what I focus on. It’s trying to match your intensity. That’s why I’ve visited this site daily for (just about) 9 years and why Im going to continue to visit it daily for the next 9.

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  5. John,

    Sorry I’m late to respond here, I read Saturday’s blog yesterday and haven’t had a chance until today.

    When your tone switches from “I really enjoy writing this blog everyday” to “Writing this blog everyday is a chore, but I do it for the readers” that’s when it will be time to hang it up. Even if you only had one regular reader, if the blogs are serving to be almost therapeutic in a way for you, keep doing it and to hell with anyone who has a problem with what/when/why or how you choose your blog topics.

    I used to spend 99% of my time on SwoleCat’s forums and very little time here when I started visiting fitness websites 8 years ago. I even remember sparring with you on his forums about All The Way (remember that???) and thinking you were a tool. Well, it was in very short order I was here on your site full-time, and that’s a directly result of your efforts and genuine passion for everything you do.

    I have not spent one minute of my life on a mountain bike, but as I mentioned the other day I really dig your blogs about your fitness journey, in any direction it goes. That’s a direct testament to you, and I hope you keep it going as you said “for another decade!”

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  6. Well I for one think the whole ‘fitness thing’ (weights, bikes, diets, whatever) is in need of a break.

    I’m in the middle of a cut, and what I really need right now is a giant pizza and a big chocolate milkshake! All this stuff about heart rate recovery and ten times up sugar-lump mountain just makes me more hungry!!! 😛

    Just Kidding! Well, not about the cravings and the cut, but, your site is awesome John. Being able to peek in on the evolution of your fitness journey is very interesting and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

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  7. For me, this site has always been about health and fitness, which includes lifting weights, riding bikes, and following a diet that’s conducive to being fit. As we are all in different age groups and phases of our lives, as well as having wildly different body types, there is no one form of exercise that should be excluded. This site has allowed people from around the world to form a community where ideas and questions concerning fitness can be addressed in a non threatening manner, something that is rare even 10 years after it was started. I’m happy but not surprised to see that the community has rallied around the changes that John is making to his fitness goals, and continue to be inspired by his and others dedication to their unique and individual pursuits of fitness. I look forward to another 10 years and the changes we will all go through as we trek along.

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