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Split screen video footage of my Bike Torture Chamber in action.

Thursday, October 25, 2012 by  
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Starting yesterday's cycling workout.

Starting yesterday’s cycling workout.

For yesterday’s cycling workout I did “Monitor“, which is the fifth workout in the training program I’m currently following on TrainerRoad. The workout included 6×6 minute intervals in the sweet spot (~94% FTP) with some fast pedaling drills. I set up a couple of cameras and recorded the workout for those who wanted to see my Bike Torture Chamber in action.

I put my Canon 60D on a tripod behind me, and my GoPro HD off to my left. I then brought all the footage into Movie Studio and set up a synchronized split screen. All this effort resulted in what is quite possibly the most boring footage on all of Youtube!

After falling asleep several times while editing the video, I cropped down the hour long workout into a short three minute clip. The clip shows a bit of warm-up, a little footage of intervals in the sweet spot, and some active recovery.

I may shoot another video of a really tough workout if there’s any interest.


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7 Responses to “Split screen video footage of my Bike Torture Chamber in action.”
  1. Questions:

    1. Do you chew gum during outdoor rides too?
    2. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought that this software program was suppose to be used in conjunction with an accompanying video for motivation. Is that not always the case?
    3. Are the workouts exclusively in the saddle?

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    • 1) Sometimes. I remove the gum when I’m going hard (as I did later in this workout, but not shown in the video clip above).

      2) It can be. For example, TrainerRoad has workouts compatible with all the Sufferfest videos. Most of the TrainerRoad workouts use on-screen instructions and are not done with video, however.

      3) No, some of the TrainerRoad workouts specifically call for getting out of the saddle. Of course the rider is free to do that anytime s/he wants, too.

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  2. John-
    Good video. I like the set up. I was wondering if you have been Professionaly fitted yet on your Road Bike? The side view looking into the Mirror reveals that your leg extension does not look like you are getting proper extension. The set up is different than on your Mt. bike. Proper fit will yield more Watts and more comfort. I could be wrong but the way it looks your seat could come up a bit. According to your recent results, I am not sure I want you to get any better. 😉

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    • Hey Paul, good to see you here on JSF. Sorry you couldn’t make the ROLD today, missed seeing you there. Really great ride and a fun time.

      Yeah, I agree in that video it doesn’t look like I’m getting full extension. In fact, so much so that I got up and checked it after viewing the video. I’m just a hair short of lockout, so I think I’m adjusted correctly (the LBS did a fitting when I bought it). Not sure why it looks the way it does in the video.

      Can’t wait to do some road rides with you guys. Looking forward to learning some good, safe routes and trying to keep up! 🙂

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