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Split screen video footage of my Bike Torture Chamber in action.

Starting yesterday's cycling workout.
Starting yesterday's cycling workout.

Starting yesterday’s cycling workout.

For yesterday’s cycling workout I did “Monitor“, which is the fifth workout in the training program I’m currently following on TrainerRoad. The workout included 6×6 minute intervals in the sweet spot (~94% FTP) with some fast pedaling drills. I set up a couple of cameras and recorded the workout for those who wanted to see my Bike Torture Chamber in action.

I put my Canon 60D on a tripod behind me, and my GoPro HD off to my left. I then brought all the footage into Movie Studio and set up a synchronized split screen. All this effort resulted in what is quite possibly the most boring footage on all of Youtube!

After falling asleep several times while editing the video, I cropped down the hour long workout into a short three minute clip. The clip shows a bit of warm-up, a little footage of intervals in the sweet spot, and some active recovery.

I may shoot another video of a really tough workout if there’s any interest.