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Ride Of the Living Dead: post ride report and video.

2012 Ride of the Living Dead: 50 miles of awesome mountain biking!
2012 Ride of the Living Dead: 50 miles of awesome mountain biking!

2012 Ride of the Living Dead: 50 miles of awesome mountain biking!

The 2012 Ride Of the Living Dead event was on Saturday, and we had an absolute blast tearing up the dirt!

Mike Simmons and I rode the 50 mile course together, but we saw lots of friends during the event. At the trailhead before the ride we ran into Jim Beyer (dressed as Fred Flintstone), Daniel Cleaver, Mark Huff, Rob Ern and Chris Williams.

I’ve ridden with Jim, Daniel and Mark before, and I knew Chris from Strava and Facebook. I only knew Rob from Facebook and some emails we’ve exchanged, and it was very cool to finally meet the man who designed one of my all-time favorite Santos trails, “Ern ‘N Burn” (featured in the below video).

After the ride I ran into Mark Pettengill, who literally rode his mountain bike from Mt. Dora all the way to the event and then did part of the ROLD course. That’s a solid 90 miles of mountain biking. Impressive ride, Mark!

I also met some of the “Dirty Divas” while we enjoyed a complimentary post-ride meal.

The ride itself was completely awesome! The weather was perfect: cool and windy, but not so much wind that it made things difficult. It was so cool outside that I only consumed 70 ounces of water during the entire 50 mile ride.

At the start of the ride Mike and I found ourselves behind a long line of riders who were moving at a very casual pace. We were feeling pumped and invigorated by the cool weather, and absolutely dying to open up the throttle. We tried to get out in front, but some of the riders didn’t seem to want to let us by (watch the video). There was a point were Mike and I were able to briefly break away to a parallel trail and then cut back over to the main trail, finally out in front. Once we did that it was game on!

We really did ride fast pretty much the entire way, but it was not all smooth sailing…

About mile 40 Mike’s quads started cramping up really bad. Mustard, Gatorade, water, electrolytes… nothing was helping. I could tell Mike was in a lot of pain, but he soldiered on and refused to stop or quit! Excellent riding out there Mike, you rocked it!

This is how my broken big toe, Blacky McHurtsalot, looks this morning.

This is how my broken big toe, Blacky McHurtsalot, looks this morning.

As for me, I felt great the entire ride. No cramping or fatigue issues, and my energy levels felt consistent and solid. Clearly my recent training is paying off. I did not wreck at all during the entire ride, but about 40 miles in I smashed the hell out of my right foot on a rock. I was 99% sure my big toe was broken, but I didn’t want to stop and look at it, so I didn’t. I tried not to think about it, but it sure didn’t feel too good. Thankfully the adrenaline masked a lot of the pain, and I finished the ride strong.

As you can see in the photo, my toe doesn’t look too great this morning. I can’t walk on it at all, which I can live with. I’m hoping I can ride on it, and I’m going to find that out today.

I have to mention that Jim Beyer and Daniel Cleaver, who did the entire 50 mile ROLD, also did a 100 mile road ride the very next day. You guys are freaking animals–great job!

So here is a Halloween-themed video from the 50 mile Ride. I’ve included a little pre-ride and mid-ride nonsense, along with me and Michael Simmons shredding the awesome “Ern ‘N Burn” trail. The video is appropriately scored with the theme from “Halloween” as well as Metallica’s “Creeping Death”. The video also features Jim Beyer, Daniel Cleaver, Chris Williams, Mark Huff, Harley the Dog and Andrew Tinny (who is not shown, but was stuck to my rear wheel the entire time we were riding “Ern ‘N Burn”). I tried to keep things entertaining. I hope you guys enjoy the video!