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Calf Compression Sleeves: Real benefits, or hype? Last night, wearing my new Zensah Compression Calf Sleeves for the first time.

A couple of local roadies I know (and whose opinions I respect) told me that calf compression sleeves do wonders for speeding up recovery time after a hard ride. I did a little research on compression sleeves, and some people (mainly cyclists and runners) really swear by them. I decided to put aside my natural aversion to looking like a extra in Flashdance (thanks for pointing that out, by the way, Mike–I now have What… [Read more]

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Early cycling training results: 7 new Personal Records set yesterday. Seven personal records destroyed yesterday.

The last time I went mountain biking at Wekiwa State Park was on September 16, 2012. I rode with my friend Jim Beyer, and I believe that was Jim’s first real tour of Wekiwa by mountain bike. I love doing training rides at Wekiwa, but unfortunately during the rainy season many of Wekiwa’s mountain biking trails consist of deep sugar sand in the higher areas and standing water/mud in the low-lying areas. When Jim and… [Read more]

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On track to meet November mileage goal: 550 miles. 53 miles in three days to meet my November goal. No problem!

I set quite a few personal records this month, and I’ll summarize them once the month is over. One of the goals I set for November was to cycle at least 550 miles (also a new PR), and I’m right on track to meet that goal (click to enlarge):   I’ll be knocking out almost half those remaining miles this morning, leaving me with less than 30 miles to cover in two days. Piece of… [Read more]

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6-week “Intermediate Base I” program on TrainerRoad completed. The "Intermediate Base I" program on TrainerRoad.

About six weeks ago I started using the TrainerRoad cycling training software (my full review is here), and yesterday I completed the first structured program, “Intermediate Base I”. The Intermediate Base I training program kicks off with a workout called “8-Minute Test” (which is actually an hour in length); this very important test is used to evaluate the athlete’s Functional Threshold Power (FTP). The reason the FTP test is so important is because the difficulty… [Read more]

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Back to business: post-vacation report… Working out on my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

Hello again JSF members and visitors! I am back from my little holiday break, and eager to resume my usual daily blogs and routine. So much happened over the past week that it actually feels like I took more than just 9 days off. Time off from work usually flies by, so it’s a bit strange to come back feeling as if I’ve been away much longer than I actually have. As you may recall,… [Read more]

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Vacation: taking some holiday time.

I almost always take a week off in October to ride and enjoy the nice fall weather, but I was not able to do that last month. I’d planned to try and take a vacation week earlier this month, but I have just been too busy. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week, things will be slowing down at work a little bit. I’ve decided to take a week off, starting tomorrow. While I’m… [Read more]

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Stuck inside for the next few days; Bought a dedicated trainer tire. The Tacx Trainer Tire

With Lisa and her parents out of town and no other family within 1,000 miles, I’m going to be doing a lot of indoor training over the next few days. If something serious were to happen to me while I was out riding Loki would would be alone with no way to get food, his critical medication or water. It may sound like I’m being overly-cautious, but Loki is 17 years old, requires twice-daily medication… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout was TOUGH; Death in family, not doing Horrible Hundred. The inside temperature was 73° (F), I was well-hydrated before the workout, ate a pack of Sport Beans before and during the workout, drank almost 50 ounces of water while training and was still down 2 pounds when I finished. This was a tough one.

I’m now in the 5th week of the 6-week cycling training program I’m currently following on TrainerRoad, and yesterday’s workout was the first one that really tested me. The 1.5 hour/42.49 kilometer workout in question is called “Tioga”. The workout included 5×9 minute intervals spent slightly above or slightly below my Functional Threshold Power (currently 280) via 2-minute under-segments followed by 1-minute over-segments; 6 minute active recovery between intervals. I spent 28.3% of the time… [Read more]

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By request: an examination of my current diet.

There’s been some interest from JSF members in what my current maintenance diet looks like. Because I don’t track my diet when I’m maintaining, even I only had a general sense of what my actual daily caloric intake and macro-nutrient breakdown is. This morning I decided to enter my planned meals for the day into JSF BodyShop™ in order to see how close my estimates are to reality. Turns out I was pretty darn close!… [Read more]

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First road group ride: The WMBC 100 KM “Donut King” ride. The "Donut King" route is just one of the many "We Must Be Crazy" cycling club group rides.

On Saturday morning I did my very first road group ride, and the experience was definitely something I’ll never forget. I rode with a a local cycling club known as “We Must Be Crazy” (which I’ll call “WMBC” or “The Crazies” for the rest of this blog). I already knew a few of the Crazies because we’d been mountain biking together, but for the most part I was meeting the group members for the first… [Read more]

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