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October mileage goal reached; November goal; Two new road KOMs yesterday.

Thursday, November 1, 2012 by  
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My goal last month was to ride at least 400 miles, and I demolished that goal by riding 490.66 total miles. I also climbed more than 10,000 feet and, according to Garmin, burned almost 22,000 calories.

Here’s how my cycling training progress over the past three months compares:

 August 2012September 2012October 2012
Activity Count112528
Distance (miles)93.96345.78490.66
Time (h:m:s)8:46:1928:24:3234:13:32
Elevation Gain (feet)3,2429,77710,311
Average Speed (MPH)10.712.214.3
Average Heart Rate (BPM)167161152
Calories Burned6,87319,89721,632

It’s interesting to note that my average speed during the month of October was more than 25% faster than it was in August (14.3 MPH vs 10.7 MPH), yet my average heart rate (while riding) has gone down 15 BPM when comparing those same two months.

While I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made over the past few months, I’ve still got a long, long way to go. The training program I’m following on TrainerRoad (my review of TrainerRoad is here) is definitely helping my conditioning and power, and in the coming months I’m just going to get better and better. I fully expect to work my way up to more than 1,000 miles in a month.

My goal for November is to cycle at least 550 miles.

When I purchased a Trek Madone road bike and constructed a bike torture chamber in my home gym, I did so with the goal of improving my mountain biking. What I did not expect was to enjoy road cycling as much as I have. While mountain biking is still my #1 cycling-related passion, there’s no question that I also enjoy road cycling quite a lot; it’s a different kind of challenge, and variety is the spice of life!

Speaking of road biking, I noticed that there are two road segments at Wekiwa State Park. I have KOMs (King Of the Mountain) on all nine mountain biking segments at Wekiwa, and I thought it would be cool if I could take down the two road segments and achieve total cycling dominance out there. 🙂 Hey, what can I say? Wekiwa was my main training stomping ground for a long time, and so I feel compelled to “sweep” it.

I rode 12 miles at Wekiwa yesterday; the two segments I was gunning for are two miles in length each. I went straight into the attempts without any warm-up (probably shouldn’t have done that), and the cold wind was definitely affecting my speed and ability to breathe properly (my lungs were burning!) I still took down the KOMs by a pretty wide margin, but I know I can improve my times quite a bit on a less windy day (and with a proper warm-up):

Wekiva North – KOM
Wekiva South – KOM

Now that the rainy season is over, the mountain biking segments at Wekiwa should be drier and ready to ride for speed. Even though my times out there are already pretty fast, I expect that with the improvements I’ve made to my bike handling, overall fitness, power and stamina I can better them.

I need to get my workout in early this morning–very busy day ahead!

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4 Responses to “October mileage goal reached; November goal; Two new road KOMs yesterday.”
  1. Interesting, according to Strava I have only ridden 960 miles so far this year, I didnt start riding until mid April but I also dont count the long hours I spend on my trainer in the spring and I probably didnt upload maybe a dozen rides due to GPS malfuntions. I have however, climbed over 157,000 ft. Riding out here is totally different, less mileage, much more climbing. Thats a lot of miles John! Good job!

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    • Man, that is A LOT of climbing, Craig! It really is a different kind of riding there. Here in Florida you pretty much never stop pedaling, but the elevation changes are minor by comparison.

      I only started using Strava in April, and it’s got me at 937.4 miles and 28,428 feet of climbing since then. Up until this month none of my miles on a trainer were counted in that total. Now that I have the fluid trainer those miles are counting towards my total on Strava (which, I think, they should).

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  2. That’s an incredible number of calories burned! You must be starving to death. I think you only eat 2500kcal a day and if you burn an average of 700kcal a day just riding, that leaves only 1700 and something kcal for basic metabolism, and all other activities. I would think you’d be losing weight, but you’re holding stead.

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    • I’m not sure where you’re getting that I only eat 2,500 calories per day. I’m not tracking my food intake anywhere right now, but it’s definitely more than that–at least 4,000 calories per day. And I am losing weight, as detailed in my Sunday progress reports.

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