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I’m riding every day now; First Century: Horrible Hundred race?

Saturday, November 3, 2012 by  
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My goal this month is to cycle 550 miles, and with only 30 days in which to do it I’ve got to ride an average of 18.33 miles per day.

Last month I rode just shy of 500 miles, and that was a new personal record for me. I rode six out of seven days each and every week last month, and I think this month I’m going to need to take that a step further and ride every single day.

Last month was filled with cycling personal records: longest single mountain bike ride (46.5 miles); most miles ridden in a single month (490.66 miles); most miles ridden in a single week (117.35 miles); most hours ridden in a single month (34:13:32 h:m:s); most hours ridden in a single week (9:08:57 h:m:s) and countless new time personal records and KOMs on Strava segments.

I expect most of those records to fall this month, some of them by a wide margin. One thing I need to get under my belt is my first road century. Even though I’ve been a mountain biker for several years now, road cycling is a whole new ballgame. Yeah, I’m shifting gears and turning cranks in both forms of cycling, but that’s really where the similarities end.

The Horrible Hundred!

The Horrible Hundred!

I’m sort of on the fence about how I want to tackle this first 100 mile road ride. There’s a race this month called the Horrible Hundred, and it’s pretty much considered to be the most difficult century in the state of Florida.

The course takes riders through some of the hilliest areas in the state, including the infamous Sugarloaf Mountain. You may recall that not too long ago I rode Sugarloaf and some of the surrounding area (blog is here), and it was a tough ride. Well, in the Horrible Hundred riders hit Sugarloaf Mountain somewhere around the 70 mile mark. That’s just cruel. I think the race involves somewhere around 4,200-5,000 feet of climbing. Not bad for our “flat” state!

I’m not sure that doing the most difficult 100 mile race in the state for my very first century is too smart, but I love a good challenge. I think the number of DNFs (“Did Not Finish) in this race is abnormally high. My friend Mike–who wants no part of the race–said to me, “They call it horrible for a reason!”

The problem is we might have a schedule conflict. It looks like Lisa has to work on race day, and poor Loki simply can’t be left alone for that length of time. We’re working on trying to come up with a solution.

Jim, Daniel, Paul, Blake… are you guys doing the HH this year? Am I a fool for even considering it for my first century? 🙂

I need to wrap this up and get my ride in. We’ve got house guests coming to stay the weekend with us, and we’ve got a lot of cleaning to do. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. This is inspiring! Well done! I’m looking at an entry level road bike (long time mountain biker). Your posts have helped me sort through quite a bit (I’m down to either a Cannondale or a Trek).

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