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2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #33

Sunday, November 4, 2012 by  
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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #33 of my 2012 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report.

My scale weight this morning (as measured by the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale) is 167.0 pounds. That’s a -0.4 pound change since last week’s weight of 167.4 pounds, and a 4.6 pound loss from my 2012 end-of-cut weight of 171.6 pounds.

My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Caliper is 5.0%. That’s a -0.1% body fat change since last week’s body fat measurement of 5.1%, and a -0.7% change from my body fat reading at the end of my 2012 cut, which was 5.7%.

Using my scale weight along with my body fat reading I can easily calculate how much of my weight change was fat, and how much was lean mass (note: JSF BodyShop™ makes these calculations for you automatically). Over the past week I’ve lost 0.19 pounds of fat and lost 0.21 pounds of lean mass; since my 2012 cut ended I’ve lost a total of 1.43 pounds of fat and lost a total of 3.17 pounds of lean mass.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show that over the the past week I’ve lost a quarter inch from my calves while all other measurements remained the same. Since the end of my 2012 cut I’ve lost a quarter inch from my waist, a quarter inch from my hips, a half inch from my calves, a quarter inch from my forearms and a half inch from my chest. All other measurements have remained the same.

My detailed stats (including all tape measurements) and food logs can always be found on JSF BodyShop™. Just create a free account (existing JSF Forum members should simply log in using their forum username and password) and search for me.

My weight is down a little more again this week, which I certainly do not mind.

Once again, my diet over the past week was extremely healthy, with just one splurge meal.

My activity level this week has been high: I rode 107.37 miles over the past six days (6 rides, average speed 15.8 MPH, average HR 156 BPM), and I’m planning on a big ride today that should push my weekly total to around 170 miles.

My energy levels are very high, and I’ve never felt better on the bike. My training is going very well, and I’m excited about where it’s going to take my riding over the next few months.

Here are my cardiovascular statistics for this week (as measured by the Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor and the Garmin Edge 500 – Red Premium Bundle). For more information on these statistics, please check out my February 14, 2011 blog.

HRrest: 39 BPM -1 BPM since March 18, 2012)
HRmax: 202 BPM (+6 BPM since March 18, 2012)
Heart Rate Reserve: 163 BPM (+6 BPM since March 18, 2012)
Heart Rate Recovery: 87 BPM
VO2 MAX (Uth—Sørensen—Overgaard—Pedersen equation): 77.69 ml/min/kg (+4.19 ml/min/kg since March 18, 2012)

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2 Responses to “2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #33”
  1. John, I have a question concerning weight loss. On Saturday Flex introduced me to Donnie Harries while we were at Santos. One of the secrets to his speed on the trails is obviously his light weight (135 lbs, according to Flex). That got me thinking: since you and I are the same height, and you’ve managed to trim your weight down to just under 170 lbs, would I be mistaken in assuming I could get mine down to 160 lbs and still be healthy? Since I don’t have your muscle mass, there must be 20 lbs of fat hiding somewhere in my body that I could afford to lose, right?

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    • The first step required to properly answer that question is to determine your body fat. It doesn’t have to be a 100% accurate DEXA test or anything like that, but you need to have a reasonably good idea of how much fat you have on your body before you can know how much weight you can safely lose. So that’s where I suggest you start: get a caliper and measure your body fat.

      That said, chances are good you could lean down to the 160 pound range without any issues at all. I’ll likely drop below 160 at some point, at the expense of a little muscle.

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