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Excellent suggestions from the JSF community; Today’s workout is “Antelope”.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by  
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Thanks for all the fantastic input, suggestions and ideas posted to yesterday’s blog! I am always impressed by the creativity and knowledge possessed by the JSF community.

For the water issue, I’ve decided to try a few things. I really don’t want to use a saddle mounted water cage or a CamelBak, so I’m ruling those out for the time being. I’m going to try carrying an extra bottle in my middle jersey pocket and see how that feels. Three bottles should be enough to get me through an unsupported training ride of up to 65-70 miles or so. I’m also going to plan future rides a little better, and make an effort to scout out places where I can refill my bottles (obviously I’d rather carry no more than two bottles whenever possible).

A very creative idea that I read on another web site yesterday is to pre-place (by auto) hidden bottles at strategic locations along the route the day before the ride. That would be a last resort, however, as I’d have to go back and get the empties (again by car) after the ride.

As for electrolyte nutrition on the ride, some more great ideas were presented. I’m going to try Hammer Nutrition’s High Energy Electrolyte Drink (HEED), which my friend Craig recommended. The reviews on it are outstanding.

Also, my friend Arlen pointed out something that should have been glaringly obvious to me: open a few packages of Sport Beans (which I love, but have trouble opening and consuming while riding) before my ride and carry them loose in one of my jersey pockets. That’s a great idea, and I’m definitely going to do that.

Between the Hammer powder and the loose Sport Beans I should have a good supply of carbs and electrolytes without needing to stop.

The pain I was feeling between my shoulder blades on Sunday’s long tide was another concern, and JSF member “abuseguy” had some outstanding thoughts on how I could address that. Check out the comments section on yesterday’s blog for those ideas. I’m going to try several of them in the coming weeks and see if they can provide some relief.

Today's workout: "Antelope".

Today’s workout: “Antelope”.

Well, it’s a little chilly out this morning and the rain is moving in as I type this. I was going to try to grab a mountain bike ride before work, but I’m not really in the mood to ride in the cold rain. That’s OK, I need to get the next indoor workout in my current training program done. I was supposed to do this workout on Sunday, but the weather was so nice that day that there was no way I was going to ride indoors!

Anyway, the workout I’ll be doing today is called “Antelope“: it’s 1.5 hours in length, and contains 5×10 minute intervals spent riding in the Sweet Spot with 5 minute active recovery intervals between the working sets. Should be a good one.

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