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Stuck inside for the next few days; Bought a dedicated trainer tire.

Thursday, November 15, 2012 by  
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With Lisa and her parents out of town and no other family within 1,000 miles, I’m going to be doing a lot of indoor training over the next few days. If something serious were to happen to me while I was out riding Loki would would be alone with no way to get food, his critical medication or water. It may sound like I’m being overly-cautious, but Loki is 17 years old, requires twice-daily medication and plenty of fresh water (the meds he is on make him very thirsty). I can’t bear the thought of Loki being in medical trouble, hungry, thirsty and all alone, so I’m not just not going to take any chances.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’m going to use this time to focus on my cycling training. Riding indoors on my fluid trainer is, of course, not nearly as much fun as getting outside and riding, but the workouts I’m doing right now are definitely making me a stronger rider. I’m going to focus on that positive aspect and try not to think about how much I’d rather be doing the “Horrible Hundred” this weekend. I actually had to stop reading the Horrible Hundred thread on the “We Must Be Crazy” cycling club message board because I was feeling so left out. I hope all the Crazies have an amazing day. I’ll be there in spirit.

The Tacx Trainer Tire

The Tacx Trainer Tire

I’ve been putting so many miles in on my indoor trainer that I had to reconsider the wisdom (or lack thereof) of not having a dedicated trainer tire for my road bike. I don’t want to prematurely wear out my rear road tire, and so I picked up a relatively inexpensive Tacx Trainer Tire for 35 bucks. I would have bought the Continental Ultra Sport trainer tire, but it’s 10 bucks more than the Tacx and isn’t available with free 2-day Amazon Prime shipping (I’m an Amazon Prime junkie–it’s an amazing deal). The Tacx tire is well-reviewed, so I figured why not give it a try? If I don’t like it I’ll get the Continental tire next time.

I’ve also decided that there’s not much point in buying a dedicated rear wheel and cassette for the trainer. Swapping the trainer tire and road tire back and forth only takes a few minutes, and it’s not like the wheel and cassette are getting beat up on the trainer.

Yesterday I gave my legs a break and hit my upper body with a good weight training workout. I’m glad I did: the workout felt great, and my legs appreciated the rest.

I need to get breakfast going, I’m starving! Train hard!

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4 Responses to “Stuck inside for the next few days; Bought a dedicated trainer tire.”
  1. Two thumbs up re your caring for Loki. I’d be & do exactly the same.

    Easy enough as it is when one must, other than during this period of self confinement I suspect changing that tyre every other day will get old really fast versus just releasing a QR and swapping wheels. A set of Shimano R500s and a Tiagra cassette can be had surprisingly cheaply and will do that job just fine. Tiagra (HG) runs smoothly with 105 or Ultegra, and it’s steel (longlived).

    That’s what I run for use of my primary with my trainer, albeit with a 105 cassette instead of the Tiagra so that I actually have a spare wheelset for scheduled ride continuity with just a tyre swap if my primary is in need of truing or inadvertently damaged.

    Most of the time I just leave my long serving #2 roadie with trainer tyre (Schwalbe) fitted sitting in the Elite Crono. Also saves that not inconsiderable additional wear and tear on my primary’s drivetrain.

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    • You read my mind. After posting this blog I started thinking about how often I would need to make the tire swap, and how much of a pain that would probably wind up being. I scouted out an inexpensive, yet well-reviewed, wheelset: the Aeromax Alloy Road Bike Comp 700c. (I’m pretty sure these wheels are made by Vuelta). This, with an Ultegra cassette (I’d want the same cassette as I’m using on my main wheels), will be more than fine for trainer use, will last a long time and be very inexpensive.

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  2. I will echo Keiron: I applaud your dedication to Loki. Having just put down one of my own after a year of her (Misa) having a hard time, I understand your not wanting to be away and not wanting to risk an injury.

    Good decision on the wheel and the tire. I’ve gotten to the end of a long winter and had a rear tire with a flat bottom that corners pretty strange. Having an extra wheel never hurts either, especially after that first big pot hole sneaks up on you.

    If you want to save yourself some bucks, get a 105 cassette. The spacing is identical, it will probably last longer than Ultegra, and the weight difference is nominal.

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    • RIP Misa, and all my best to you and your family. 🙁

      Yeah, logically it just made good sense to go ahead and spend another C-note and get the dedicated trainer wheelset. In addition to the convenience of swapping the entire rear wheel instead of wrenching the trainer tire on and off several times per week, it will be reassuring (as you mentioned) to have a backup set of wheels. While the Aeromax wheels are a little heavy, they would be just fine as a temporary replacement in the event of a major problem with the main wheels.

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