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Back to business: post-vacation report…

Monday, November 26, 2012 by  
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Saturday morning workout. At just 167 pounds, I'm lighter than I've been in a decade. While I am nowhere near the size I was during my bodybuilding days, I am still strong for a lil' fella. I expect to drop to 160 pounds or less over the next few months.

Saturday morning workout. At just 167 pounds, I’m lighter than I’ve been in a decade. While I am nowhere near the size I was during my bodybuilding days, I am still strong for a lil’ fella. I expect to drop to 160 pounds or less over the next few months.

Hello again JSF members and visitors! I am back from my little holiday break, and eager to resume my usual daily blogs and routine.

So much happened over the past week that it actually feels like I took more than just 9 days off. Time off from work usually flies by, so it’s a bit strange to come back feeling as if I’ve been away much longer than I actually have.

As you may recall, Lisa’s grandmother died earlier this month. Lisa and her parents traveled to Virginia for the funeral, while I stayed behind to care for the animals. I didn’t want to take a chance on having a serious cycling accident with no family members within a thousand miles of me, as Loki requires medication twice per day. Without his medication, Loki would become very sick and probably die. So I was pretty much tied to the house for the first four days of my vacation.

I took advantage of that time by training very, very hard in my bike torture chamber. I did some pretty tough workouts, and I felt real good on the bike.

I also made a few changes to my Madone during the first few days of my vacation…

Tacx trainer tire mounted on the inexpensive Vuelta Aeromax wheel.

Tacx trainer tire mounted on the inexpensive Vuelta Aeromax wheel.

First, I decided that my original idea to swap my rear road tire for the dedicated trainer tire (I’m using the Tacx Trainer Tire) over and over was dumb. Not only would swapping the tires be a huge pain in the butt, it would be very time-consuming and also increase the likelihood of popping tubes.

So, after just one tire swap, I ordered an inexpensive wheelset that will be used primarily for indoor training.

I went with the Aeromax Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels, which are made by Vuelta. At less than 100 bucks these wheels are very inexpensive, but still quite well-reviewed. The wheels weigh 873g/1158g (F/R), so they are not exactly the lightest wheels around, but they will do just fine for indoor training. Also, it’s nice having an emergency backup set of wheels on-hand.

The Continental Gatorskin tires should make flats a very rare occurrence.

The Continental Gatorskin tires should make flats a very rare occurrence.

After less than 200 (road) miles and 3 flats, I decided that the Bontrager R3 tires that came stock on my Madone had to go. I replaced them with Continental Gatorskin tires (700×23, folding), and so far I’m happy with them. The Gatorskins are just 20g heavier than the R3 tires, but are considerably tougher.

I did a group ride with The Crazies this past Saturday morning on the new Gatorskin tires, and–unlike the first ride I did with this club (on the Bontrager R3s)–I did not suffer any flats. So far so good!

About the group ride on Saturday. The ride was a lot of fun, but the pace was fast and I was having an off day. I think all the hard training I did leading up to the group ride is the reason why. Or maybe it was two straight days of stuffing myself with Thanksgiving food. Or both. My legs were burning way too early in the ride. I rode hard, but I actually fell off the back of the paceline twice (both times due to fatigue after pulling). I didn’t fall too far behind, but I was far enough back that I was fighting the wind solo and not benefiting from the slipstream. I was pretty pissed at myself at the time, but it was an enjoyable ride with friends and a great workout, so no regrets.

My diet over the past nine days was excellent–right up until Thanksgiving. I relaxed my diet on Thursday, and never tightened it back up. So basically for the past four days I’ve been eating a pretty sloppy diet, and I am feeling it this morning. I’m up a little over 4 pounds from Thursday morning’s weight (171.4 pounds this morning vs. 167 pounds on Thursday). Most of that added weight is, of course, water weight, but I’ve probably got a little fat to burn off, too. I plan to get started on that today with a clean diet and a hard workout. ๐Ÿ™‚

I need to wrap this up and get to work. After 5 days (mostly) away from the office, I’ve got a tremendous amount of catching up to do.

Have a great day–see you tomorrow!

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7 Responses to “Back to business: post-vacation report…”
  1. John, on the subject of weight loss, it’s still a mystery to me how you can weigh 13 lbs less than I do and still look so much heavier! LOL I also made it my goal to get down to 160 lbs, but that means dropping 20 lbs of fat without losing muscle. I just don’t see where all that fat could be hiding. Aside from the skin, where are the major fat repositories in the body?

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    • With regards to the first part of your comment, I’ve explained that to you at least a couple times in the past, so I’m not sure what else I can say.

      Most men store body fat in the mid-section first, and that’s the last place they lose it. That said, your body’s preferred fat storage areas are dependent on your genetics.

      As I said in reply to one of your other comments, if you want to know how much fat you have, then go get it measured or measure it yourself. Where that fat located on your body doesn’t matter because you have no control over where it comes off anyway–again, that’s up to your genetics. All you can do is diet down until you reach your desired body fat level.

      You may wish to do some reading of the “sticky” threads in the Beginner’s Forum. There are some excellent fat loss, muscle building and nutrition primers that will clear up a lot of your questions.

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  2. John, the first part of my comment was intended in jest, hence the ‘LOL’. I’m well aware that there isn’t a 1:1 correlation between a person’s visible bulk and his weight, but it is nonetheless surprising how far apart they can be in instances like this one. Particularly so when we consider that muscle tissue weighs more by volume than fat tissue.

    Where the fat is being stored interests me only because it lightens some of the mystery regarding visible weight loss. Since I’m not visibly overweight, most of the fat I could lose without becoming unhealthy must be distributed internally. Where, I don’t know.

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    • Sorry about the glossing over the “LOL”. I took what you wrote at face value. “LOL” once meant “Laughing Out Loud”, but these days it’s been reduced to a weird online tic that many people use to simply end sentences (“i just cleaned the house lol”). I rarely pay attention to its use any more.

      Anyway, it really all comes back to what your body fat percentage is. You said you’re not visibly overweight, so what makes you think that you even have 20 pounds of fat to lose? Perhaps you simply have more lean mass than I do.

      Again, if you want to solve the “mystery” then you’ve got to arm yourself with information. Get a body fat reading so you have at least a general idea of where you’re at. Heck, even posting front/profile/back photos in your swimsuit on the forums would allow for some ballpark BF estimates from the members.

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      • John, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I haven’t seen any misuse of ‘LOL’ on any forums I frequent, but I’ll make sure the moderators crack down on this type of abuse if it does occur. Perfunctory notation cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        My guess concerning the 20 lbs was based on a rough comparison of our respective heights and bone structures. If you weighed 170 lbs at the time, then it’s a safe bet that I could drop 10 lbs – perhaps as much as 20, given that my body fat percentage is MUCH greater than yours. It’s not a health concern that’s driving me to drop weight; it’s the thought that those 20 lbs are keeping me from claiming all those KOM’s I so richly deserve. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I think its all relative. I have friend that is one inch shorter then me 5-11 vs 6′. He has a thinner bone build then I do and looks smaller but weighs 5 lbs more. I never could quite figure that out.

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