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Good ride yesterday; New Advanced (Red) trails at Mt. Dora!

Monday, December 3, 2012 by  
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Results of my latest check-up.

Results of my latest check-up.

I’ve been in a mountain biking mood lately and, apart from my indoor training sessions, all my riding over the past week was on the dirt.

Yesterday I woke up in the mood to do some more mountain biking, and I went over to the Mt. Dora trails with Mike to do some laps. We also ran into Steve and Rich (a couple of the “Crazies”) out there doing some Cyclocross practice in a nearby field.

It’s been nearly two months since the trails have seen rain, and the sugar sand is really getting bad out there. I wanted to ride fast, but it’s just too sketchy for that right now. The bermed corners are still in good shape, but quite a few other places are so sandy that you really have to back off the speed to keep your bike from sliding out.

Mike had to bail after 4 laps for some family time, but I stayed at the trails and wound up doing 10 laps with all the blue options for a total of almost 18 miles and a little over 1,000 feet of climbing. It was a good workout, and despite the trail conditions I had a lot of fun.

On a related note, we have official approval from the city for a Red (advanced) trail at Mt. Dora! The trail is actually already there (ahem…), and it’s tough. I’ve ridden it a couple of times and I’ve been unable to clean it. Now that the trail has been officially approved, a few work days will be scheduled early next year so that the existing trail can be made more sustainable, signage can be installed, some of the more sketchy areas can be improved and new features can be added (stuff like rock gardens, skinny options, logs over pyramids and so on). Much thanks to Rob, Mike, Mark, the city of Mt. Dora and the Ocala Mountain Bike Association for making this happen. This advanced trail is going to be a fantastic addition to the existing trails.

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  1. The dryness and resulting buildup of sugar sand has been a big problem at Santos as well. Dave and I both managed a couple of spectacular saves on Saturday when we slid out in turns that normally aren’t a problem. Headed up Dogbone on the way back to the parking lot, we spotted quite a few trail workers carrying large plastic barrels. Apparently they had covered the worst areas of the trail with pine needles. Contrary to my expectations, this resulted in a BIG improvement in traction – something you might want to consider to tame the sands of Mt. Dora. Laying down strips of carpet, a la Soldiers Creek, is a more permanent fix, but it’s a bit unsightly.

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