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High intensity weight training this morning; Maximize your training effort.

Friday, December 7, 2012 by  
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I'll be weight training this morning: going with moderate weights, very high intensity.

I’ll be weight training this morning: going with moderate weights, very high intensity.

I’m in the mood to lift this morning, and I’m also in the mood for something more intense than the very heavy/low volume workout I did on Monday. This morning I’ll be doing a very fast-paced, high intensity workout.

One of the intensity techniques that I utilize in the weight room is to avoid “regular” sets and stick with supersets, drop sets, giant sets, “down the rack” sets and so on. That style of training–especially when combined with very short rest intervals (no more than 60 seconds between sets, and no more than two minutes between exercise)–is very tough and requires a tremendous amount of focus.

In order to keep the intensity as high as possible you can not cheat on the rest intervals (you’ll want to: the 45-60 seconds between each set feels more like 5 seconds), and you can not allow your mind to wander. No socializing, no talking, no laughing and no joking around. I choose to train alone because I can’t stand distractions when I’m lifting.

The mind-muscle connection is vitally important while you’re actually lifting, and when your set is over the ONLY thing that you should be thinking about is the next set. If you’re standing around BS’ing with your friends and screwing around between sets then your results will reflect that level of commitment.

This morning’s workout will be a very high volume workout, but it will be over in less than 45 minutes. Phone OFF, mind FOCUSED. Take all your fight out on the iron: go into the gym like a bloodthirsty lion, but come crawling out.

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