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I’m on vacation; Want to get in shape for 2013?

Friday, December 21, 2012 by  
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This will be my final blog until I return from my holiday, which starts today (December 21, 2012). My normal daily blog will resume on Sunday, January 6, 2013.

Normally when I’m on vacation I don’t resume my daily blog until the Monday following my holiday, but I’ll be back one day early this year. Why? Because January 6, 2013 is a very special date: it’s the 10-year anniversary of the first day of my transformation, and the genesis of the web page that became John Stone Fitness!

While I’m on vacation I’m going to work on a retrospective of the past 10 years, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to put together. If any of my blogs, photos, highlights or JSF events had a particular impact on you, please feel free to let me know in the comments section of this blog, or drop me line. I’d like to include as many of the highlights from the past 10 years as I can, and I’d hate to overlook something. Look for the 10-year JSF retrospective on January 6, 2013!

Many of you have just found JSF for the first time, probably because you want to lose fat and get in shape for the New Year.

So, where to start? I know a lot of you have the desire to make positive changes, but may feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. Put your mind at ease: I promise that it’s not as hard you may think. Let’s talk about what you need to do to get the ball rolling…

Having made a successful major transformation myself, I know what it takes to make it happen. Before I talk about some of the things you need to do, I want you to pause for a moment right now and picture yourself with your ideal body relaxed and 100% confident on a crowded beach. Don’t stop there: visualize yourself in all kinds of situations with your new body. There is no shame in doing this. Visualization is a powerful technique that really works. When I first started my transformation I visualized myself outside washing the car and mowing the lawn with no shirt on, ripped and with six-pack abs. Whenever I felt like skipping a workout or going off my diet, I replayed these powerful scenes in my mind. Six months after I started, I’d lost over 55 pounds of fat and I had a six-pack for the first time in my life. I can’t describe what it felt like the first time I lived out these visualizations in real life. All it took was six months of hard work and dedication. Check out my monthly, weekly or even daily pictures (near the bottom of the page) to see what I accomplished in a relatively short period of time. You can do it, too.

Picturing yourself in your new body is important, but it’s obviously not enough. You need knowledge and you need a plan. Without a plan your new body is just a fantasy. With a plan it’s an obtainable goal. Maybe you’ve already done your homework and know exactly what you need to do; if so, then great! If you do not have a plan, then you need to come up with one right away. Here are some things I think everyone who wants to make a transformation should do:

SET A GOAL OR GOALS. Figure out exactly what you want to accomplish and write it down. Short term goals and long term goals are both very important. Do not skip this step! One of the best places to express your goal is in “public”. Tell everyone you know what you are doing. I encourage you to create a free account on the forum and start a journal. Get involved with our friendly community. Make friends, learn, ask questions and get inspired!

HAVE A PLAN. You’ve got the desire and the goal, so now what you need to do is come up with a plan that will allow you to get there:

  • Start educating yourself by reading the easy to follow beginner’s help guides on the forum.
  • Also, be sure to check out the Articles section of this site–especially the “Fat Loss 101” articles.
  • Feel free to check out my own detailed food logs, my training routines, my photographs, and daily blog archives.
  • Come up with your own meal plans and a training programs. Create a free account on JSF BodyShop™ and start tracking your measurements, food intake and workouts (as of May 3, 2010 all my stats and food logs are on BodyShop).
  • Take “before” pictures. You don’t have to post them publicly if you don’t want to, but take the pictures! You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • The JSF community can help you tweak your plans and answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to post on the JSF Forums if you are confused about something.

EXECUTE THE PLAN. Ah, now this is the hard part. Are you ready to dig deep? What you are doing is not easy; your inner strength and character will be tested. Life throws things at us every day that separate those who are truly committed from those who are not. Those who refuse to make excuses and execute their plans with dedication and consistency will be successful–this is a fact. Take it one day at a time, and don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind. Keep picturing yourself in your new body and remain focused like a laser on your goals.

Finally, John Stone Fitness, the John Stone Fitness Forums and JSF BodyShop™ have always been (and will continue to be) 100% free of charge to everyone. The JSF family of web sites exist thanks to our advertisers and the generosity of the members who choose to support the site through voluntary membership upgrades. If you find the JSF family of web sites useful, please consider upgrading your membership and supporting our advertisers.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!

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4 Responses to “I’m on vacation; Want to get in shape for 2013?”
  1. Merry Christmas and have a nice vacation and Happy New Year also!

    Meanwhile in the land of Santa Claus:
    -22 Degrees Celsius today (-7.6 F)
    Kaamos, total daylight today 4h21min, sunrise 10:16AM, sunset 2:37PM
    Lots of snow!
    I broke the frame on my MTB, got it replaces by warranty already, but still lots of work to move all the parts from one frame to another.

    On the positive side:
    Cross country skiing is the best VO2MAX and cardio training there is!
    Indoor training on my Tacx trainer feels really good when it is cold outside.
    Nothing is better than nice 100 degree (212F) sauna when you have been out freezing for a few hours!

    Looking forward to follow your training again in January 2013!

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  2. I’ll be looking forward to that Jan 6th blog!

    As far as what might be fun for that blog, hmm…

    1) Certainly I think a posed front and side pic is in order…been a while.
    2) Successful decisions you’ve made in the gym/kitchen/elsewhere.
    3) Regretful decisions you’ve made in the gym/kitchen/elsewhere.
    4) Some written thoughts from Lisa about your journey over the past decade and how it’s affected her and your marriage would be really interesting. Nothing too personal, just hearing her point of view I think would be fascinating and different.

    Enjoy your time off and Merry Christmas!!!

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  3. Dear John,

    Happy 10th Birthday mate from Australia.

    I have followed your story for a number of years and just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU from all those people you may never meet and yet you have generously offered a massive amount of value in various forms,whether it be motivation or just great quality information from a real person sharing real experiences. I cannot thankyou enough.

    After pouring through your site for many hours over the years (I think I found you around 2008), it was often at a pivotal time in my own transformation when I was a little lost or unfocussed and John Stone Fitness was there for me. You have helped me many times while I did my fair share of progressive zig zagging but wanted to give back a little of my own stats for you to be proud of….congratulations mate, I share this with you whole heartedly.

    Starting Stats on October 2011 –
    Age 41, Weight 108kg BF 33%, Height 174 cm
    Running – treadmill level 10..2-3minutes and puffing like an overweight labarodor. Rest and then try again…
    Weights (I have all the stats but here is a couple)
    – Seated Pulldowns 40Kg 10 + 10 + 8
    – situps 10 + 8 + 6
    – pushups 6 + 6 + 6
    – cable curls (16.25kg) 10 + 12 + 12 + 8
    – Leg press 75 kg 15 + 15, 100 kg 12 + 12 + 12

    Todays stats (notice I didnt use the word ‘finishing’ or ‘end’) –
    Age 41, Weight 86kg, 20% (approx – still trying to use the calipers).
    Runnning – I can run 10km comfortably now at a reasonable pace, building up for a triathlon at the moment (21km run).
    Weights (I have all the stats but here is a couple)
    – Seated Pulldowns 65Kg 12 + 12 + 10 + 10
    – situps 30 + 25 + 20 + 15 (inbetween crunches and pushups)
    – pushups 25 + 20 + 20 + 15 (this is on a super set with situp and crunches – i.e no rest)
    – cable curls (30kg) 15 + 12 + 12 + 10
    – Leg press 110kg 15 + 15, 120 kg 12 + 12 130kg 12

    I have taken before and after photos that I might be persuaded to send you but no promises on posting them publically. I have them rolling on my screen saver and it still scares the heck out of me.

    Thankyou John for all your support and HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY TO JSF!!!!
    Phil R
    Sydney Australia

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  4. Congratulations!10 years is a long time. Sorry I didn’t read the entire post since I have been here a while and know most of the details. But I do want to congratulate you on providing a top notch place to go to for dedicating yourself to being a better person all around. The people here are the best.

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