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By request: an examination of my current diet.

There’s been some interest from JSF members in what my current maintenance diet looks like. Because I don’t track my diet when I’m maintaining, even I only had a general sense of what my actual daily caloric intake and macro-nutrient breakdown is. This morning I decided to enter my planned meals for the day into JSF BodyShop™ in order to see how close my estimates are to reality. Turns out I was pretty darn close!… [Read more]

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First road group ride: The WMBC 100 KM “Donut King” ride. The "Donut King" route is just one of the many "We Must Be Crazy" cycling club group rides.

On Saturday morning I did my very first road group ride, and the experience was definitely something I’ll never forget. I rode with a a local cycling club known as “We Must Be Crazy” (which I’ll call “WMBC” or “The Crazies” for the rest of this blog). I already knew a few of the Crazies because we’d been mountain biking together, but for the most part I was meeting the group members for the first… [Read more]

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2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #34 Myotape

Week #34 of my 2012 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 167.0 pounds. That’s a 0.0 pound change since last week’s weight of 167.0 pounds, and a 4.6 pound loss from my 2012 end-of-cut weight of 171.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the is 5.0%. That’s a 0.0% body fat change since… [Read more]

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Doing my first road group ride this morning. All tuned and ready to ride!

I’m heading out early this morning for a group road ride. The riding club I’ve joined is called “We Must Be Crazy”, and I’m very much looking forward to putting in some miles with them. I’ve gone mountain biking with several of the Crazies (Jim Beyer, Mike Simmons, Daniel Cleaver and Paul Lewis), and Mike and I have been on urban assaults and road rides, but this will be my first group road ride. In… [Read more]

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CamelBak Podium Big Chill Water Bottle CamelBak Podium Big Chill

CamelBak’s “Podium Big Chill” is the Holy Grail of water bottles.

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New “Favorite Things” Item: CamelBak Podium Big Chill CamelBak Podium Big Chill

Until I started road cycling I never paid much attention to water bottles. I had about a half-dozen inexpensive water bottles that I used for my daily hydration needs (off the bike), but once I started road cycling I knew I needed to find something better. The was highly recommended by my local bike shop, and so I purchased a couple of them when I bought my Madone. The is, in my opinion, the perfect… [Read more]

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Get better by getting out of your comfort zone. True story.

I thought this chart showing the number of miles I’ve ridden each week was interesting (I didn’t start using Strava until April of this year, so that’s all the history I have). Up until the end of August my highest weekly total mileage was just 42.4 miles; it was at the end of August (right after the ~10 days I took off when Loki got sick) that I flipped the switch and started getting serious… [Read more]

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Coggan’s Power-Based Training Coggan Power Training Levels

My legs were not sore after Sunday’s ride, but they definitely felt fatigued. On Monday I did a very light recovery ride (45 minutes/11.63 miles), and felt pretty good afterwards. Yesterday I felt like I was ready to get a harder workout in, and so I resumed my current training plan on TrainerRoad. At 1.5 hours and 27 miles, the indoor workout I did yesterday (called “Antelope”) was a fairly long one. “Antelope” contains 5×10… [Read more]

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Excellent suggestions from the JSF community; Today’s workout is “Antelope”. Today's workout: "Antelope".

Thanks for all the fantastic input, suggestions and ideas posted to yesterday’s blog! I am always impressed by the creativity and knowledge possessed by the JSF community. For the water issue, I’ve decided to try a few things. I really don’t want to use a saddle mounted water cage or a CamelBak, so I’m ruling those out for the time being. I’m going to try carrying an extra bottle in my middle jersey pocket and… [Read more]

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Longest ride yet, many new personal records set. My November 4, 2012 road ride.

On Saturday morning there was a local group ride with a bunch of guys I know, but I was unable to attend because Lisa’s parents were coming to stay the weekend with us. Just before noon on Saturday morning we were wrapping up the house cleaning when Lisa’s dad called and cancelled (Lisa’s mom was not feeling well). At that point I’d already grabbed a morning 50 minute ride on the fluid trainer and the… [Read more]

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