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Split screen video footage of my Bike Torture Chamber in action. Starting yesterday's cycling workout.

For yesterday’s cycling workout I did “Monitor“, which is the fifth workout in the training program I’m currently following on TrainerRoad. The workout included 6×6 minute intervals in the sweet spot (~94% FTP) with some fast pedaling drills. I set up a couple of cameras and recorded the workout for those who wanted to see my Bike Torture Chamber in action. I put my on a tripod behind me, and my off to my left…. [Read more]

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RoadID; Bike Torture Chamber video coming; AtLarge Nutrition BIG SALE! My RoadID. I ordered the "Sport" version.

With all the talk yesterday about cycling safety, it dawned on me that I neglected to order my RoadID last week. The inexpensive RoadID was suggested to me by quite a few JSF members, and I think it makes a lot of sense to wear one. I don’t take my wallet when I’m riding, but I have been carrying my driver’s license with me. A driver’s license is better than nothing, but it doesn’t have… [Read more]

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First solo road ride on Sunday: safety concerns. Fixing a flat about 12.5 miles into Sunday's 23 mile road ride.

This morning I wanted to talk about Sunday’s solo road ride in a little more detail. This ride was significant because it was my first solo ride on busy roads. Many of the roads I was on were single lane with no shoulder or bike lane. First of all, the weather on Sunday was outstanding! It was cool and sunny, and the skies were crystal clear. Mike and I had planned on a road ride,… [Read more]

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Follow-up to Saturday’s blog: thank you JSF community, we live on. John Stone Fitness

When I posted Saturday’s blog (“Changing athletic focus has resulted in some backlash; JSF to close?“), I was not sure what sort of response I was going to get. To be perfectly honest, I very nearly scrapped the entire blog after I wrote it. The reason I almost didn’t post the blog is because, frankly, I was afraid of what the response might be. As I mentioned in Saturday’s blog, I tend to be a… [Read more]

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2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #31 Myotape

Week #31 of my 2012 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 167.8 pounds. That’s a -2.0 pound change since last week’s weight of 169.8 pounds, and a 3.8 pound loss from my 2012 end-of-cut weight of 171.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the is 5.1%. That’s a -0.5% body fat change since… [Read more]

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Changing athletic focus has resulted in some backlash; JSF to close? Bulking in 2008. Good times.

Recently I’ve caught a bit of flak from a few people who don’t care for the direction my fitness life (and, thus, this blog) has taken. Specifically, some people have voiced displeasure that lately I write more about mountain biking, cycling, cardio training, general fitness and so on than bodybuilding and fat loss. Bodybuilding was an important part of my fitness world for many, many years. I enjoyed the process of seeing how big I… [Read more]

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My first real road ride: Sugarloaf Mountain. Surprisingly high Strava placements. Cresting the Sugarloaf climb.

While I’ve had my new Madone road bike out a few times since I bought her about a week ago, I’d still not done a “real” ride on public streets. My friend Mike (who, like me, is primarily a mountain biker) also does some riding on his Specialized road bike. Mike invited me on a road ride yesterday, and he suggested a place called “Sugarloaf”, which is located in nearby Clermont, Florida. Sugarloaf is extremely… [Read more]

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Why ride indoors?; New PR on Tuesday’s MTB ride; Yesterday’s Training. From Tuesday's ride: my friend Mike dropping in on the 22' roller at Mt. Dora MTB Trails.

Yesterday I posted a tour of my newly completed Bike Torture Chamber, and a few people wondered why someone living in Florida would do any indoor biking at all! That’s a good question, and even though I replied to those comments directly here and on Facebook, this morning I’d like to address that subject in a little more detail. Ever since I started working out back in 2003 I’ve always done indoor cardio. When I… [Read more]

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Madone getting dialed in with some changes and upgrades. I installed this black/blue Fizik Dual Bicycle Bar Tape yesterday.

I really disliked the white cork bar tape that came on my new Madone, and so I decided to replace it with some higher quality tape from Fizik. I bought (black and blue). This tape can be installed in two different ways: the way I did it, black with subtle blue stitching, or the “candy cane” look, which I really do not care for at all. This was my first bar tape install, and I… [Read more]

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TrainerRoad software review; Functional Threshold Power.

I’ve discovered a piece of new cycling training software, and after spending a couple of days with it I am extremely impressed. The software is called TrainerRoad, and I believe it’s going to help take my cycling, cardio and overall athleticism to entirely new levels. To use the TrainerRoad software you’ll need a bike, a compatible indoor trainer (most are supported, but I highly recommend the –my review on the Kinetic Road Machine is here),… [Read more]

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