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Super busy; This morning’s workout; Final day of Mastover sale. Ab rollouts make traditional crunches feel like angel kisses.

I am slammed with work this morning, and tomorrow is going to be just as hectic as today. As soon as I post this blog I’m going to take 30 minutes and get a weight training workout in, but after that I don’t think I’m going to have much free time for the remainder of the work week. I was really hoping to get some mountain biking in today, but that’s not looking very likely… [Read more]

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Great ride at Wekiwa yesterday; 2 new PRs; A couple stories. Even though most of the trails at Wekiwa are dry and sandy right now, some of the lower-lying trails never really dry out. It doesn't take much rain for this particular trail to completely flood.

Yesterday morning I was in the mood for some mountain biking, and I wanted to get some hard training miles in. I thought about going to Mt. Dora and doing laps, but the changing scenery at Wekiwa State Park sounded more attractive to me, so I went there. We’re still really dry here in Central Florida, and the trails are awfully sand–this is especially so at Wekiwa. I knew the sand would only help me… [Read more]

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January didn’t go as planned, but I was productive; Plans for next month. My modified Trek Fuel EX 8.

From a cycling perspective this month hasn’t gone quite the way I’d planned, but all things considered I think I made the best of the hand I was dealt. I started off the month still on vacation and wasn’t doing any serious cycling training during that time. Immediately after my vacation I was ready to pick back up where I’d left off, but then I got the flu. Thankfully my body was able to fight… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout was a monster: Queen palm removal. Yesterday's workout...

I didn’t spend any time on the bike or in the weight room yesterday, but I got one heck of a good workout in… What you’re looking at in the picture to the right is the mature (it was approximately 30′ tall with its healthy fronds) Queen palm that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. This unfortunate palm contracted a disease known as Fusarium Wilt. There is no cure for Fusarium Wilt–once a palm has it… [Read more]

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2013 maintenance weekly progress report: week #3 The FatTrack Pro Digital Body Fat Caliper

Week #3 of my 2013 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 172.2 pounds. That’s a 1.0 pound loss since last week’s weight of 173.2 pounds, and a 2.2 pound loss from my initial 2013 weight of 174.4 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the is 6.5%. That’s a -0.4% body fat change since… [Read more]

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Legs destroyed: deadlifts, squats & hard cycling workout. My guns ran out of ammo yesterday.

I started off yesterday with a quick weight training workout: 3 warm-up/acclimation sets of back squats followed by 3×6 heavy BSQs, and then 2×10 barbell rows. I’m really enjoying these brief daily weight training workouts. Later in the day it was time for my cycling workout. I did the “Cardinal” workout on TrainerRoad, which is 60 minutes in length and a little over 17 miles. “Cardinal” includes 3×10 minute intervals @ 95-99% FTP (Functional Threshold… [Read more]

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Weight training yesterday + yard work; More weights today + cardio. 45 pound plate

If you missed yesterday’s blog, I talked about the changes I’m making to my weight training program to better fit my current athletic goals. Yesterday morning I did 5×5 deadlifts, but I kept the weight moderate because my hips and lower back are still feeling a little tweaked. After the deadlifts I did a set of burnout (to failure) wide-grip body weight pull-ups. Done. It felt really weird doing such a low-volume workout, but I… [Read more]

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Trail maintenance soreness; Time for a new style of weight training. The squat and deadlift area of my home gym.

Yesterday I met Mike Simmons and his son, John, at the newly-constructed Mt. Dora trail’s skills area (story and photographs). Unfortunately the skills area didn’t get any rain, and the soft clay was pretty chewed up. We fixed the clay, and sprayed it down with water to help it firm up. I have a feeling this is not the last time we’ll be doing that. We also re-worked the clay staging area, which was set… [Read more]

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Excellent 18.3 mile MTB ride yesterday; 4 new PRs. After completing yesterday's 18.3 mile ride I stopped to take this picture.

Yesterday it was a little overcast, cool and windy, but I didn’t feel like riding inside. I didn’t have a specific plan for the ride when I left the house, but I decided to head over to Wekiwa Spring State Park to do some mountain biking. While I was unloading my bike the cold wind was biting into me, and I decided the best way to get warm would be to ride fast! In yesterday’s… [Read more]

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Loss of fitness: the cold, hard numbers–two workouts compared.

After nearly four weeks off from structured cycling training (2 weeks of vacation followed by the flu), yesterday I resumed the cycling training program I’m currently following on TrainerRoad, Intermediate Base II. Note that I continued to cycle and mountain bike during those weeks “off”, but the number of miles I rode was significantly reduced (from December 27, 2012 through January 20, 2013 I only rode 186.7 miles), and I only did one cycling-specific training… [Read more]

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