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Legs destroyed: deadlifts, squats & hard cycling workout.

Saturday, January 26, 2013 by  
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I started off yesterday with a quick weight training workout: 3 warm-up/acclimation sets of back squats followed by 3×6 heavy BSQs, and then 2×10 barbell rows. I’m really enjoying these brief daily weight training workouts.

Later in the day it was time for my cycling workout. I did the “Cardinal” workout on TrainerRoad, which is 60 minutes in length and a little over 17 miles. “Cardinal” includes 3×10 minute intervals @ 95-99% FTP (Functional Threshold Power), and each of those intervals includes 3×1 minute intervals out of the saddle. The workout also includes 6 minutes of low-cadence ILT (Isolated Leg Training) drills towards the beginning.

I’ve done this workout before, and it’s a tough one.

My guns ran out of ammo yesterday.

My guns ran out of ammo yesterday.

Doing this workout after deadlifting (Thursday) and squatting (earlier that morning) was probably not a very good idea. While I was doing the ILT drills at the beginning of the workout (which are very muscle-intensive) I could tell I was in for a war. The ILT stuff was basically just the opening salvo: the real work (3×10 minute intervals close to FTP, which also includes out-of-saddle efforts) was yet to come.

The first 10-minute interval hurt a lot and required constant focus, but I kept my watts on target.

As I started the second interval I was hurting pretty quickly. With 7 minutes still to go my heart rate was already over 180 and I felt like my legs had been set on fire from the inside. I really wanted to quit, but I tried to ignore the pain and focus on my form. It took everything I had, but I managed to meet my target power on that 10-minute interval, too.

About a minute into the third interval my right quad started to cramp up (you can easily see where in the graph, click to enlarge). I backed off slightly until the cramp went away, but every time I tried to get my watts back on target I could feel my quad starting to lock up again. I’m glad I finished the workout even though I couldn’t hold my target wattage on the final interval.

Yesterday's cycling workout. My heart rate monitor was acting wonky and spiking during the first 15 minutes.

Yesterday’s cycling workout. My heart rate monitor was acting wonky and spiking during the first 15 minutes.


Here’s the complete ride on TrainerRoad.

Not too long after my workout I kept getting muscle spasms in my right quad. Thankfully those went away after about a hour (and a few mustard packets), and I didn’t have any more cramping issues.

This morning my legs are cooked. I’m sure that I’ll adapt to the daily low volume weight training workouts I’m doing and this sort of thing won’t be a problem any more, but right now I’m hurting. Also, I think doing deads one day followed by squats the next day was a mistake.

This morning I’m going to get an upper body weight training workout in. I’m thinking flat bench presses and a couple sets of burnout body weight chest dips. This afternoon I’ll probably hop on the bike for a very light/high cadence recovery ride.

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