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January didn’t go as planned, but I was productive; Plans for next month.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 by  
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From a cycling perspective this month hasn’t gone quite the way I’d planned, but all things considered I think I made the best of the hand I was dealt.

I started off the month still on vacation and wasn’t doing any serious cycling training during that time. Immediately after my vacation I was ready to pick back up where I’d left off, but then I got the flu. Thankfully my body was able to fight off the flu fairly quickly, but it still took me out of the game for about a week.

My modified Trek Fuel EX 8.

My modified Trek Fuel EX 8.

After the flu episode I started cycling again, but resisted the urge to jump back into my training at full-throttle. I also have been more in the mood for mountain biking than road cycling, and so most of my miles this month were ridden on the dirt.

Several projects this month have also cut into my saddle time: the skills area construction at Mt. Dora (along with two follow-up work days), the Queen palm removal mentioned in yesterday’s blog, and about 10 hours outside doing yard work. Work has also kept me very busy this month. I’m still not even fully caught up after my 2-week vacation… I’m seriously about ready for another one.

This month I also decided to place renewed emphasis on my weight training. Gone are the days of bodybuilding-style workouts with super high volume and body parts split into separate workouts. The (nearly) daily workouts I’m doing now are fairly low-volume workouts that utilize compound exercises. I’m really enjoying this new style of training, and I think it will very much benefit my cycling.

It looks like my total cycling mileage for January is only going to be around 300 miles. When I started the month I was really hoping to do more than 500 miles, but considering the circumstances I’m OK with how things are shaping up.

Next month will involve a lot of indoor and outdoor spring projects that will cut into my riding time. I have to do my usual springtime plant trimming and fertilizing (this alone is at least two full days), completely re-design the bed that the deceased Queen palm once called home, do some maintenance on the pond, pressure wash the sidewalks and the driveway, sand the paver driveway and walkway, pressure wash the house, do some touch up paint work and caulk the exterior of the home, pressure wash the fence (both sides), spread about 10 yards of mulch, plant hundreds of annuals, steam clean the carpets and a big spring house cleaning.

Despite the short 28-day month and all those projects, I’m still going to try and ride at least 300 miles next month.

Between the riding, weight training and all those projects I should burn some serious calories in February!

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