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Mountain biking and cycling at night. Gemini Duo @ 100% power. 3 hours run time at this power level (4 cell battery).

Until recently I never had much interest in riding at night, and had given the prospect of doing so practically no serious consideration. In fact, about as far as I ever got in the thought process was, “You know what the problem with mountain biking and cycling on public streets is? It’s that these activities are not nearly dangerous enough. Hey, I’ve got it! I’ll ride in the dark!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Sarcasm aside, almost all of… [Read more]

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As suspected, my cardio is way off: same training workout comparison.

So far in 2013 I’ve only cycled a grand total of 356 miles. Considering we’re two months into the year, that’s pretty weak (for me). The past couple of months there have been a lot of distractions, an unfortunate bout of the flu, a 2-week vacation and a couple weeks off from riding so I could take care of a huge list of spring projects. Over the past week I’ve resumed cycling and mountain biking,… [Read more]

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Using TrainerRoad’s virtual power data on Strava for better accuracy. Download the .TCX file from TrainerRoad...

Last week a friend of mine on Facebook sent me a link to a very helpful blog that is focused on providing information and tips for Strava users. From that blog I picked up a fantastic tip for Strava users who also use TrainerRoad (like me!) This morning I’d like to pass on this excellent advice to the JSF crowd. This information applies to people who use Strava and TrainerRoad, but don’t have a power… [Read more]

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Good (but wet) ride yesterday; Oakley sunglasses; AtLarge Nutrition. After a very wet, but fun, road ride.

Yesterday morning my wrist was feeling well enough to get another ride in. Dark clouds surrounded the entire area, and after checking the weather radar animation I could see that the rain was just about to hit. I decided that I didn’t care, as I really wanted to ride and I didn’t want to do it on my indoor trainer. Sure enough, 10 minutes after setting off the rain started coming down. The rain was… [Read more]

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2013 maintenance weekly progress report: week #7 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #7 of my 2013 maintenance program is complete, and itโ€™s time for my weekly progress report. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 173.2 pounds. That’s a 1.2 pound loss since last week’s weight of 174.4 pounds, and a 1.2 pound loss from my initial 2013 weight of 174.4 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the is 6.6%. That’s a -0.3% body fat change since… [Read more]

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Wrist and arm improvement; Vacation announcment.

I woke up this morning to a work-related network problem. Diagnosing on a misbehaving network is not how I prefer to start my weekends, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I started working the issue while gulping strong black coffee in an effort to bring my brain to at least 50% power. After I’d resolved the problem, I realized that my wrist was not bothering me! I mean, it is still aching, but the… [Read more]

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Big day working outside yesterday! Weekend is here!

Yesterday was another extremely productive day of working outdoors. Lisa and I got started first thing in the morning, and we worked all day long without a break. The most physically demanding of yesterday’s projects was the transport and planting of the three new Foxtail palms. Each of the 26-gallon Foxtail Palms weighed several hundred pounds, and had to be transported from the truck to the backyard, positioned and planted. I did this solo while… [Read more]

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Rode yesterday morning, IMMD. :) Madone on the stand this morning. Running smooooooth!

While I’ve been far from lazy over the past three weeks, I have not logged a single cycling mile on the road or the dirt. After several weeks of stubborn fixation on my spring project list, I’d planned to return to riding this week. Unfortunately I aggravated my problematic right wrist and arm while doing all those projects, and so I decided to rest the arm this week. I’ve been dying to ride, though, and… [Read more]

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Going crazy, must ride; Gardening tomorrow; AtLarge sale-FINAL DAY! We have these showy petunias in one of our backyard hanging baskets. We'll be planting more than 100 petunias in the ground tomorrow.

I’m trying to avoid using my right wrist and arm as much as possible this week, but I’m dying to get back on the bike. The wrist and forearm pain seems a little improved this morning, and I’ve not even taken my anti-inflammatory yet. I’m seriously thinking about hopping on my road bike and trying to get a fun little neighborhood ride in before work. By keeping it in my neighborhood I’ll be able to… [Read more]

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Garage and bike shop cleaned and organized: details and pictures. The freshly cleaned and organized bike shop and storage area of my garage.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that one of the projects that I worked on over the weekend was to completely clean and re-organize my garage and bike shop. I clean out my garage every spring, but this year I put a special focus on getting things better organized out there. We have a three car garage, and our vehicles take up two of those slots. The remaining space in the garage is used not just… [Read more]

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