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Lisa back from business trip, sick.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by  
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flu season

Lisa was out of town on business most of last week, and when she returned from her trip on Saturday she told me that a fairly large number of people at the hotel and in the meeting rooms were coughing, sneezing and clearly sick. I have no idea why her company would choose to have a week-long meeting during the height of flu season, but they did.

Anyway, the day after returning Lisa started feeling bad and her symptoms have continued to worsen since then. Her symptoms are different from what I had about a month ago, so whatever she is dealing with right now is probably not the same thing that I had. She’s absolutely miserable, and even came home from work early yesterday. She’s going to go to her doctor this morning and get some meds.

I’m feeling a little off this morning, too, and I hope I don’t come down with the same thing Lisa has. I rarely get sick, and I don’t think over the past decade I’ve ever been sick twice in the same year, let alone twice in the same season!

I’m going to keep eating clean, get plenty of rest and not do any strenuous workouts until I am confident that my body has fought off whatever it is that Lisa brought back with her.

I woke up to some network problems this morning, and I’d better get back to working on that. I’m going to take today off from exercise.

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