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Great backyard weight training workout; Late season hard freeze coming?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by  
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Yesterday morning it was pleasantly cool outside, so I did my entire weight training workout in the backyard. With all the work we’ve been doing out there, I guess I’m looking for any excuse to enjoy it. 🙂

I started off my workout with 4 sets of walking barbell lunges. I started at the patio, went all the way to the far side of the property and back (about 120 feet per set) My legs, lungs and heart were all burning after those. Such a great exercise!

After the lunges I did 3×12 bent over barbell rows. I managed to tweak my right wrist a little bit while doing all these recent outdoor projects, and I definitely felt it doing the rows. The pain was more annoying than anything else, so I pushed through. The wrist is still tender this morning, but no worse than it was.

I finished up the workout with 2×15 standing overhead barbell presses. Good workout!



There’s a cold front that’s coming through over the next few days, and the weekend forecast has me pretty worried. Some sites are forecasting mid-30s, which we can handle, but Weather Underground is forecasting two nights in a row in the mid-20s. A hard freeze over two successive nights like that would be horrible at this point. We have not planted our annuals, herbs, peppers and vegetables yet, but the newly-planted Foxtail palm and all of the Pentas could be hurt or killed. Not to mention the young fruit trees, the grass and several other plants and flowers that were thriving after a mild winter.

Sigh. I remember when mild winters were normal around here, but for the past 6+ years it seems like we can’t get through one without a couple hard freezes. Fingers crossed.

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