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Getting back to cycling training next week, here’s the plan.

Thursday, February 14, 2013 by  
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All of my physical activity over the past couple of weeks has come in the form of manual labor and about a half-dozen weight training workouts scattered in there. I’ll be able to complete almost all of the remaining outdoor spring projects this weekend, but I’ll have to wait until after this weekend’s cold snap to plant the three backyard Foxtail palms that will replace the banana plants, the herbs, the tomatoes, the peppers and the annuals. With the exception of the Foxtail palms, none of those tasks are physically demanding.

Of course we still have all the indoor spring projects/spring cleaning to do, but none of that stuff will be as physically demanding as the outdoor projects have been (just time consuming).

Be seeing you soon...

Be seeing you soon…

So, with all of those labor-intensive projects almost out of the way, I am planning to get back to my cycling training next week. I haven’t been on either my mountain bike or road bike in about two weeks, and I’m definitely going to feel the training lapse.

I’ve decided to essentially do a complete reboot of my training, and redo the Intermediate Base I training program on TrainerRoad in its entirety. This program did a lot for my riding, and I want to re-establish that fitness base before getting back to the Intermediate Base II program, which I never did complete. I’m also going to reduce my FTP to 270, which is what it was when I started the Intermediate Base I program the first time.

I think it will be interesting to compare the workout data from the first time I did this program with the new data.

OK, I need to wrap this up–busy work day ahead. I won’t be training this morning, my wrist (actually my right forearm+wrist) is really hurting right now. 🙁

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