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Garage and bike shop cleaned and organized: details and pictures.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by  
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In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that one of the projects that I worked on over the weekend was to completely clean and re-organize my garage and bike shop. I clean out my garage every spring, but this year I put a special focus on getting things better organized out there.

The freshly cleaned and organized bike shop and storage area of my garage.

The freshly cleaned and organized bike shop and storage area of my garage.

We have a three car garage, and our vehicles take up two of those slots. The remaining space in the garage is used not just for our stuff (outdoor power equipment, large freezer, wheelbarrow, broadcast spreader, fertilizers, cleaning products, paint, tools and so much more…) but that space is also where I have my bike shop. That’s a lot of stuff that has to fit in a relatively small area!

My bike shop was already well-organized, but the area used for storage of our stuff was pretty jumbled, and that made getting to the things I need difficult.

As I looked at all the stuff on garage floor, I realized that I was not taking advantage of all the vertical space available to me. I did some quick measuring, and saw that a 72x48x24 (HxWxD) shelving unit would fit like a glove against the wall. I picked up a heavy-duty (5,000 pound capacity) adjustable 5-shelf steel shelving unit made by Edsal. Assembly was super easy, and the only tool required was a rubber mallet.

Another angle...

Another angle…

What a HUGE difference! I can now walk around in the storage area of the garage, and getting to all the stuff that was once laying haphazardly all over the ground is a breeze. I wish I’d not waited so long to get that section of the garage organized.

In addition to that new shelving system, I also purchased some additional wall mounting hooks and got those installed. I already had my string trimmer and edger hung on the wall, but now I’ve got my two hedge trimmers and some other equipment off the floor.

A couple months back my friend Craig gave me a little hell for having my 50′ air hose laying in a pile on the floor, and so I installed an overhead retractable hose reel. That was an awesome purchase, as having the hose out of the way (but easily accessible to anywhere in the garage) is really convenient. When I’m done with the hose, I just let the reel pull it back in. I have the reel mounted and adjusted so I can grab the hose and pull it down while I’m sitting on my creeper and working on my bikes.

Another recent addition to my bike shop is an overhead retractable shop light. I already have an adjustable lighting system (a 1200-watt twin head halogen light canon), but sometimes that monster is overkill (and hot!), and I just need a little close-in light for detailed work. This little cool-running 13-watt CFL shop light is perfect for those situations.

I have kept my bike shop page 100% updated with all the new tools and equipment I’ve added, but I should probably take all new pictures and shoot a new video. The video in particular is really out of date (it was shot almost 1.5 years ago, and much has changed since then).

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