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Rode yesterday morning, IMMD. :)

Madone on the stand this morning. Running smooooooth!

While I’ve been far from lazy over the past three weeks, I have not logged a single cycling mile on the road or the dirt. After several weeks of stubborn fixation on my spring project list, I’d planned to return to riding this week. Unfortunately I aggravated my problematic right wrist and arm while doing all those projects, and so I decided to rest the arm this week. I’ve been dying to ride, though, and yesterday I simply couldn’t take another day of waiting…

Madone on the stand this morning. Running smooooooth!

Madone on the stand this morning. Running smooooooth!

Immediately after posting yesterday’s blog I took my Madone off the fluid trainer (where it has sat idle for three long and lonely weeks), replaced the trainer wheel with the road wheel, gave her a quick once-over and went for a much-needed ride. 🙂

My wrist was aching, but it felt so good being back out on the bike that I scarcely noticed it. After a pretty brief warmup, I decided to lay into the pedals and see how I felt. Surprisingly I didn’t feel as rusty as I thought I would. My lungs were hurting a bit and my cardio is certainly nowhere near its peak, but I was able to ride hard and climb with decent power. I wound up doing 13.3 miles at an average of 18.7 MPH, which is a decent “B” pace.

My average heart rate was 169, which is high for me at that pace. I definitely have some cardio work ahead of me.

My legs, on the other hand, felt strong and sure. I’ve been hitting the weights and doing a lot of heavy physical activity over the past few weeks, so that’s not too surprising.

My wrist was hurting pretty bad yesterday afternoon (and this morning), but I didn’t care. I was in a great mood all day yesterday, and that was due to one simple reason: I rode my bike. 😀

Today I’m taking a personal day and working with Lisa in the gardens. We’re planting our peppers, tomatoes and herbs today! I think we’re going to do the annuals, too, but I’m a little nervous about the winter storm that’s brewing up north. If we get another freeze when that storm makes its way down here, those annuals will be toast. The 10 day forecast has us in the low 40s a week from Saturday, so I hope that’s the worst we’ll see of it.