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Good (but wet) ride yesterday; Oakley sunglasses; AtLarge Nutrition.

Monday, February 25, 2013 by  
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After a very wet, but fun, road ride.

After a very wet, but fun, road ride.

Yesterday morning my wrist was feeling well enough to get another ride in. Dark clouds surrounded the entire area, and after checking the weather radar animation I could see that the rain was just about to hit. I decided that I didn’t care, as I really wanted to ride and I didn’t want to do it on my indoor trainer.

Sure enough, 10 minutes after setting off the rain started coming down. The rain was light at first, but the storm quickly developed into a strong downpour that never let up for the rest of the ride.

When it first started raining I put my sunglasses in my helmet vents, but once the rain started coming down full-force it was stinging my eyes and making it hard for me to see. I put the sunglasses back on, and that did the trick.

My Oakley Radar Path Polarized Sunglasses. White Frame, Red Iridium lenses.

My Oakley Radar Path Polarized Sunglasses. White Frame, Red Iridium lenses.

Speaking of sunglasses, last year I bought myself a pair of Oakley Radar Path Polarized Sunglasses (I got the Polished White Frame/Red Iridium Lenses, shown to the left) for my birthday. The sunglasses were expensive, but well worth the money. Apart from snow, I’ve used these sunglasses in just about every weather condition imaginable: everything from bright sunny road rides to rainy mountain bike rides in the woods. Visual clarity with these glasses is outstanding in all conditions, and the polarized lenses do an amazing job of reducing glare. I really like the Red Iridium lenses, as they are dark enough for bright sunny days, but not so dark that I can’t see while I’m riding deep in the woods. Of course you can always buy different lenses and swap them out in a couple of seconds. If you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses, definitely check Oakley’s Radar Path Sunglasses out… just don’t lose them!

Back to yesterday’s ride….

I had a really good ride and, despite the rain, I enjoyed every second of it. It feels great to be riding again after about 3 weeks out of the saddle. I missed it, a lot.

My wrist was hurting a bit, but it was bearable. I found myself shaking the wrist out quite a lot, especially towards the end of the ride.

I did three rides last week, each a little longer than the one before it. My average speed has also increased with each successive ride: 18.7 MPH on Wednesday’s ride, 19.0 MPH on Saturday’s ride and 19.7 MPH on yesterday’s ride.

On those three rides I took down a total of eight new KOMs, but my cardio still feels way off. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get back to where I was (and beyond) in November/December of last year. I’m going to resume my training program on TrainerRoad this week, and that’s going to make a huge difference.

Finally, did you miss out on the 3-day AtLarge sale last week? Apparently a lot of you missed the announcement, and contacted AtLarge looking for a repeat. Well, you’ve got it: a one day only sale! 30% off your entire cart, today only. Details here.

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